Do women need time off during menstruation?

Mar 3, 2016 | | Say something

happens every month.

cramps, back pain, headaches and fatigue often accompany a menstrual cycle women , affecting billions of women preteens, teens and adults worldwide. According to the National Library of Medicine , pain during menstruation is the number one reason women in their teens and 20s call in sick to work. A British company expects to address the problem head so it is acceptable for women to take time off while menstruating.

Coexist, an art center based in UK, is considering adopting a policy of ” menstrual permission “to give women a certain number of days each month to meet your menstrual symptoms. Under this policy, women can choose to work from home, take time off, or offset the working time later. Coexist has not yet determined shall be granted many days to leave menstrual each month, but the company wants to take the staff entrance to establish an appropriate time frame.

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policies menstrual leave, or “policy period” as they are called, they are not entirely new. Sports clothing giant Nike already has a license policy menstrual integrated into your employee handbook. In Japan, a policy started in 1947 to grant free time for women working during their monthly cycles, and other Asian countries have followed suit.

According managers Coexist seven male employees of the company ( constituting about 30 percent of the total of 24 people on staff,) are onboard with politics. But outside the company, many people are speaking out against what they see as a slippery slope to “benevolent sexism” in which policies to help women actually weaken their role in the workplace.

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the reaction on Twitter was loud and clear:

There are strong feelings in this case. I think some women experience severe pain during their menstrual cycle, but most women are able to function without incident, regardless of symptoms of age. I do not believe that menstruation should be a taboo subject, but there is a big difference between talking about your period and using it as a crutch at work.

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