Home Remedies for Breast Reduction

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Home Remedies for Breast Reduction ;

Intense chest can cause many problems health for women apart from making them feel little visually appealing. You can have back pain and chest due to large breasts. You will have restricted physical activity, which prevents you from doing many things that require physical movements free. large and heavy breasts can cause arthritis and breast cancer. Hormonal problems and genetic factors can cause breast size to increase .

Breast Reduction

For decrease the size of the breasts , you have to reduce fat around the body. The breasts contain eighty percent fat. If there is a general decrease in body fat, decrease breast size itself. Professional athletes who have a high level of activity have less body fat and too little chest. You can try home remedies to reduce the size of the breasts. You have to try the following home remedies for breast reduction .

effective home remedies for breast reduction


exercise helps tighten and tone muscles chest. burning calories can give you flat chest. Aerobic exercise may help in reducing fat around the body, along with breast fat. can do running, swimming and stair stepping. You can participate in sports like football and basketball. You can do cycling, rowing and dancing. Aerobic exercises help burn calories and increase metabolism.

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Aerobic Exercises

Anaerobic exercises

Anaerobic exercises also they help in decrease the size of the breast. You can do dumbbell flys. Some other useful anaerobic exercises are bench presses and incline. These exercises help tone the muscles, which decreases the size of the breasts. By doing these exercises, you must tighten the muscles instead of expanding them. You must make at least twelve repetitions of these exercises in a single set.

Anaerobic Exercises

Pushups and the Lifts arm

can do pushups with pull-ups. To do pushups should lie on the floor and keep your hands near the shoulders. Finally, tighten by applying pressure on the knees. The body should be straight. Then lower the body and down so that the ground is touched. You can also do arm lifts and rotations with both arms. These exercises make muscles th and breast strong and firm.

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Push Ups And Arm Lifts

Proper diet

it can be done diet to decrease the size of the breast. decrease the amount of calories you consume. Increase physical activity. If you decrease 500 calories in the daily diet, will weight loss of one pound in a week. avoid foods that contain synthetic hormones. prefer a vegetarian diet rather than taking non-vegetarian food.

Take Fibrous foods

high estrogen causes fluid training and retention of lump in the breast. You can reduce estrogen levels by taking foods that contain fiber. You can take bran flakes, as it helps in absorbing extra estrogen in the body. You can take whole grains. Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet. You do not take fatty foods.

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Fibrous Foods

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto American is a plant that is grown in North America. The ripe berries of Saw Palmetto have many medicinal properties. Saw palmetto reduces inflammation in the breast and decreases estrogen. You can take 160 mg capsule of saw palmetto twice a day.

Saw Palmetto

Ginger and fennel

you should take ginger and fennel, because they contain volatile oils that decrease inflammation and reduce the size of the breasts. Ginger contains shogaols and gingeroles and has many medicinal properties. Fennel contains vitamin C and fiber. It also contains potassium and manganese.


Caution: Use home remedies after proper research and guidance. You agree that you are following any advice at your own risk and will consult properly investigate or health care professional.

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