home remedies for cold child

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home remedies for cold child ;


Cold in infants Gets fear because the nose can be blocked and your baby may not be able to breathe easily. There is always a concern about congestion travel to the lungs of the nose, so it is even more worrying.

12 Home Remedies For Infant Cold

Over-the-counter medications are not recommended for babies, so that makes us go for home remedies at the first signs of a cold. There are many things you have to do to relieve your baby from cold symptoms . Usually, with simple home remedies that your baby will become good and there is no need for you to go to your pediatrician.

effective home remedies for Infant Cold

Steam inhalation

hot steam is the first resource to start , it will loosen phlegm of the two in the chest and nose. can use a pot of hot steam or use a mini sauna.

Keep the baby in her arms, keeping the distance from the hot pot. For a session of good and effective steam covered with a sheet, so a tent with steam unit inside.

Steam Inhalations

Steam shower

Fill steam bath and give this steam treatment for your baby. First prepare the bath, keeping the geyser or water heating unit for heating. Now run the shower and let the steam filled bathroom. The exhaust fan and the bathroom door should be closed for the steam to remain side. Now sit with the baby inside during the time the steam stays there. Sitting for 15 to 20 minutes is good enough for the mucus to loosen. It is beneficial if you can do it once in the morning and before bedtime.

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Steam Shower

The use of the vaporizer

Run the vaporizer so the baby’s room is damp. Humidity will help the baby breathe. You can add eucalyptus oil to the water to give an additional benefit. This oil helps relieve the symptoms of congestion due to cold . You will need to ensure that the vaporizer is cleaned every day and water also changes every day, otherwise it will do more harm than good.


The use of saline

You can use saline drops of water for the baby. They can be bought already made or can be easily done at home. Mix some salt to the water. The taste of this water should be like tears. Take a clean dropper and put two drops of this water into one nostril.

Look for the baby to be a little comfortable, then put it in the second nostril, which will help the mucus to become soft and easy to blow. is recommended that a fresh saline is prepared each day.

Salt Solution or Saline

Clear Nose

you can wait for the mucus to drain on your own or use a rubber bulb. Buy a rubber bulb good quality and learn to use it, it’s not a complicated procedure.

Just remember to fist blow air out of the bulb before placing it into the nostril. You have to insert just the tip of the syringe, it allows the bulb to inflate slowly and see who draws the mucus of the nose. Save some hot water ready to clean the syringe. Clean well. Dry after each use.

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Clear The Nose

Head Elevate baby

When the baby is cold, it is recommended to keep the baby’s head elevated at all times. You can put a small towel under your head. The cradle can also be tilted so that the head is held high, in order to facilitate breathing.

When babies are on the flat surface, congestion of the nose intensified and breathing becomes difficult. If the heads remain in the raised position, the gravity of the earth will help the baby to keep the free form of congestion by allowing the natural flow of the mucosa.

Elevate Baby's Head

moisturize your baby

Cold dehydrates newborns very quickly. Therefore, try to keep your baby well hydrated. Water intake plays an important role in treating cold. The water content in the body will help the baby fight infections. A baby well hydrated will have less congestion and other associated symptoms.

is likely to remain thin with adequate amounts of mucus Its water content in the body. You can give additional feeds her baby, if she accepts it. Usually, due to congestion that have difficulty feeding because of the inability to breathe. Try feeding shortly after having worked for decongestion.

Hydrate Your Baby

Give an herbal tea

your baby should give light herbal tea made by boiling 2 to 3 holy basil leaves in a glass of water or a quarter teaspoon of fresh ginger in a cup of boiled water. are very good herbs to treat cold . Give these tid.

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Herbal Tea


The American Academy of Pediatrics guides parents to manage physical therapy for newborns, to give the baby through her knees, with his head down. Everything we do is to seize his back with a cupped hand. This stuffy nose helps to loosen mucus and exit.

Any drained mucus get automatically or you can use the bulb syringe to remove the already loose mucus.Alternatively, keep the baby on her lap sitting posture, with one hand help bend toward the front. Then touch the back using the cup-shaped hand as mentioned above. Physical therapy helps child cough mucus. their help in releasing the mucus, thus produced.

Physical Therapy

no smoking and no smoke.

Keep baby away from smoke of all kinds. Adults do not smoke where there’s a baby. Smoking cigarettes can even cling to your body and clothing, even that may bother your baby.


Chest Rubs

pharmacies and drug stores sell child rubs, rubs child are softer and softer versions of accompanying adults. They rub people the chest of babies, but the best place is to rub his back.

The aromatic vapor rub this start working and help decongest your baby.

Chest Rub

seek medical attention

If you see that the fever is over 101 degrees or redness of the mucosa, or nails are not a baby rosier, but have a bluish tint, please consult a physician.

Consult Doctors

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