Home Remedies for Nail Care

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Home Remedies for Nail Care ;

Nail care is an essential part of grooming. Usually, women are aware of their makeup, dress and the overall beauty of your face and body.

8 Home Remedies For Nail Care

But they are often neglected in their nails and does not They pay close attention to preparing healthy and strong nails.

You do not have to run to the salon to have healthy and beautiful nails . With simple home remedies that can get healthy and shiny nails.

effective home remedies for nail care

protection of their nails

we use our nails all day for peeling an orange, strumming a guitar and even scratching and itching. However, overuse or misuse of nails can make them brittle, broken and even susceptible to unpleasant fungal infections . When we do a lot of housework, nails are easily damaged. Wear rubber gloves while gardening, washing and cleaning with soap to protect nails. When you have hygienic and healthy nails will not only improve the appearance of hands and feet, but also protect them from germs and bacteria.

wash hands

eat healthy

When not pay due attention to the nails become brittle and dry. Healthy nails are those that appear clear and have a pink glow reflecting from them due to healthy blood flow in tissues nails under . You need to have a healthy diet to maintain healthy nails.

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Your diet should contain foods rich in silicon and sulfur, essential vitamins such as B vitamins, fatty acids and minerals like zinc for healthy nail growth. Calcium and phosphorus are vital for strong nails, which can be obtained from milk, cheese and curd. Fish, onions and broccoli are good for healthy nails. Whole grains, banana and carrot juice are equally good for growing healthy nails. Drinking water and adequate fluids is also necessary to keep hydrated nails. The deficiency of these vitamins and minerals can make nails dry and brittle and susceptible to cracking and chipping.

whole grains

Trimming The Nails

Before cut the nails, especially toenails, soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes to soften and avoid splitting. Wait until your nails are slightly dry and then cut straight .

Use a nail file to shape the nail and make smooth the edges. improper cutting toenails can lead to division of the nails in the corner. Shorter nails are the stronger. If you want your nails are longer, they should be more square.

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Trimming The Nails

Care cuticles

cut cuticles with mechanical instruments can lead to infection. Do not use chopsticks orange . Use a nail brush dipped in baking soda to wash and soften cuticles and nail cleaning. gently push the cuticles back with a damp towel. This will stimulate new growth.

Caring For Cuticles

moisturize nails

To keep healthy, beautiful and shiny nails, these home remedies are very effective.

Moisturize Your Nails

lemon juice, egg and olive oil

Combine the egg white of an egg, equal amount of lemon juice and olive oil in a bowl. Soaking nails in this mixture for at least 10 minutes provide great results.

Try this before going to bed at least twice a week . Olive oil dry nails and the nutrients in the egg whites and lemon juice nourish and hydrate strengthen nails.

Lemon Juice, Egg White & Olive Oil

Sea Salt

Soaking scope of your hand for 15 minutes in a bowl of warm water after adding 1 tablespoon. Sea salt in it. Wipe your fingers and apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly. Repeating this process for a week each month will make your nails healthy and strong. Use this process to toenails too.

Sea Salts

Remedy for toe nails yellow foot

If you have toenails yellow, which can be a symptom of bacterial or fungal infection . However, there are many effective home remedies that can be used to eliminate fungal infection and bring back the natural color of your nails. The tea tree oil has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties and may be effective for treating nail fungus toe.

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Just dilute the tea tree oil with olive oil or lavender and apply 3-4 times a day using cotton ball in their toenails. Within 10-15 days, the fungus is gone and will recover the natural color of the nail. Similarly, soaking your feet in Listerine containing antibacterial properties, vinegar, apple cider or lemon juice, which have an effect mild acid can treat discoloration of the nail and infection effectively and restore the health of nails.

Messaging nails with olive oil, coconut oil or any other moisturizer every day and use cotton gloves while going to bed will make your dry nails healthy and strong and give them a rosy glow. A weekly manicure at home can do wonders for your nails and cuticles. Use nail polish to protect nails.

Tea Tree Oil1

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