The best home remedies for pain breastfeeding

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The best home remedies for pain breastfeeding ;

nursing newborn baby is a precious time for a mother to bond with her baby. Most nursing mothers experience some kind of pain in the breasts or nipples, especially in the first few weeks of breastfeeding.

Breast Feeding Pain

This pain is mainly due to cracks or infection nipples or excessive accumulation of milk in the breasts . Sometimes the pain is accompanied by severe discomfort, hardness and pain. There are some home remedies that mothers can use to relieve pain associated with breast-feeding.

best home remedies for breastfeeding pain

breast massage

massage their breasts gently before feeding to your baby. This is an effective way to increase circulation and allowing milk to flow freely home remedy. Breast massage should be done carefully when the breast hardens due to excessive accumulation of milk. This provides immediate pain relief breastfeeding.

Breast Massage

Compressing hot

Heat can relieve breast pain caused by breastfeeding mother. Pour some hot water in a hot water. Place this bag on top of her breasts.

You can also use a heating pad instead . It drenching himself in a bathtub full of hot water will make the milk flow, reducing any kind of pain and breast pain.

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Warm Compress

air and sun

The drying teats with a damp cloth after each feeding , it makes them prone to cracking and infection due to excess moisture. Chapping can cause unwanted pain when baby breast feeds . Instead, leave the lapels of her nursing bra open for some time. This will air dry nipples, reducing the cracks. Exposing her breasts to sunlight for some time every day, also avoid the pain of breastfeeding.

ensure correct positioning of the baby

pain breastfeeding may also occur because of nipple pain because incorrect positioning of your baby . Make sure most of the areola is in your baby’s mouth and not just the nipple.

You can also place a pillow on your lap to hold the baby close to her chest, on the same level as the nipple. If the baby remains too low, it will pull the nipple with your gums, down, increasing their pain.

Proper Position

Switch breast strategy

new mothers often allow your baby to feed a breast until the baby stops feeding. This drains the breast while the other remains full. Now to the next shot, which is full breast will convert sore and painful . To avoid this, after every five minutes of feeding, stop feeding, burping the baby and then change before resuming breast feeding. This ensures that both breasts are drained well, avoiding any possibility of pain of breastfeeding.

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Switch Breast

breast pump to relieve engorgement

if your baby is sick or often unable to feed, milk your breasts will start construction, making her breasts hard, sore and painful. This may even block a milk duct. In such cases, use a pump to remove excess milk. This will provide pain relief.

Breast Pump

suitable bras

wearing bras support made of skin-friendly , natural materials such as cotton which allows airflow and evaporation.

Bras made of synthetic fibers retain heat causes sweating and keep skin moist chest, which is exactly what should be avoided to refrain from getting a chest infection and back pain.

Supportive Bras

goodness of breast milk

If your nipples have just started development cracks, simply express some breast z gently and apply on the cracks.After application, allow your nipples to air dry. Breast milk is known for its antibacterial and healing properties that keep cracks in the bay, thus avoiding breastfeeding pain.

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Breast Milk

Ice Packs

Cover an ice pack with a thin cloth and place it on your breasts between meals. Ice packs provide relief pain.You breastfeeding can also place packs of frozen peas or carrots covered cloth or cold cabbage leaves inside your bra to get relief from pain.

Ice Pack

baby stop Bites

If the pain of breastfeeding is mainly due to your baby using her nipples like a biter, it is time that is practiced by disengaging the baby’s mouth every time he or she bites. This is the case of babies who are teething or have developed some teeth . Biting indicates that they do not want to feed. To release a baby of her nipple, put your finger in your mouth, sliding next to her breast it is much more inside until the baby from the nipple. Then quickly move the baby away from her chest and put a bite in his / her mouth.

Baby Bites

Despite following these home remedies if you see pus or blood in her nipples, accompanied by high fever, consult a gynecologist immediately.

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