Bioidentical hormones – Why Your time has come

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bioidentical hormones have an important role to play in the health of women and here are some of the reasons why


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‘ve always been interested, as well as a health writer and a woman, in the use of natural hormones to treat a wide range of conditions. The development of the pill, and then HRT, opens up a world of synthetic what at the time was an audience eager to help with birth control and symptoms of menopause hormones.

However, like many ‘revolutions’, there have been casualties along the way. This is particularly true of the now well-established links between these hormonal drugs and heart disease, breast cancer and other risks associated with taking synthetic hormones.

It was my great privilege, through my colleague Dr. Dame Shirley Bond, to meet and work with the late John Lee MD and discovers that there is indeed an alternative. He was an inspiration for many women and, despite the negative press and an indifferent and often hostile response from the medical profession, we have to thank what he called “the revolution base” of women to make their own decision on hormone health through its natural bioidentical progesterone defense as a real alternative for menopause and osteoporosis treatment.

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Why bioidentical hormones are important

In my articles, lectures and books took on the task of disseminating information on the natural hormones women and their medical. It has often been an uphill struggle, since it must be said that women themselves were generally much more sensitive and concerned that their doctors were.

But as time has passed the risks associated with synthetic progestins and confusion all-too frequent between them and the natural hormone, it has made it vital that women have the information they need to make an informed decision.

TRH and risks are well known: heart disease, stroke, cancer to name the eldest of three. That is one of the main reasons why women are now advised not to be in it for more than 5-6 years. However there are also risks associated with the coil and the pill because they contain synthetic progestins, which have their own side effects.

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At menopause many women taking the pill or coil for heavy periods and often tell me they are in a progesterone pill or coil, but that is very rarely the case, as they are almost always synthetic progestins. The problem is that progestins are commonly referred to as progesterone, even by doctors, and the fact is that progestins have side effects that are well documented, but not bioidentical hormones.

Increased estrogen dominance

There is so much health information at all times you may wonder why a special website dedicated to the hormones needed natural, but still see so much misinformation about natural hormones repeated that I hope to offer an alternative vision.

One of the main concerns is the increase of women (and men too) showing symptoms of estrogen dominance, where estrogen levels are not opposed by progesterone, the natural balancer. You may be out of balance, even with low levels of estrogen and progesterone levels will certainly be even lower.

Women are given either estrogen-only HRT or estrogen plus progestin at menopause and after a hysterectomy but bioidentical doctors have long argued that women need both hormones and certainly equivalent non-synthetic, especially when estrogen levels are often artificially high, by using HRT.

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fibroids, endometriosis, breast cancer, weight gain, bloating and breast pain are all indicators that estrogen is dominant, since these conditions are related to excess estrogen. Rebalance with bioidentical natural progesterone is the next step to consider before embarking on a regimen of hormone replacement therapy.

Useful Information:

Women use creams bioidentical hormones from puberty to menopause pole so no age barrier, it just depends on whether you have symptoms you need help getting under control and the need to rebalance. The vast majority of women simply need bioidentical natural progesterone, but women with symptoms such as vaginal dryness or very severe symptoms that do not respond to progesterone alone are better with a combination cream containing progesterone and estrogen.

If you are not sure what hormones you need, then the following items will be useful:

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