HRT O Bioidentical hormones for you?

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Hormones have the power to reverse the effects of aging and increase sexual activity. Find out why HRT is not the answer, but bioidentical hormones are.


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in his book 10 secrets of healthy aging , Patrick Holford discusses the hormonal balance in detail, and this extract focuses on why women have to consider why bioidentical hormones are better for overall health and reduce the risk of cancer.

“Hormones affect almost all parts of your system so that, logically, when their levels fall too low can suffer a wide confusion range of symptoms – and most of these can also be caused for something else! If you have been suffering from any of the following actions for a while, it pays to have your hormones checked to see if they could be contributing

* anxiety, depression, irritability and mood swings
* Increased pain, inflammation and joint pain
* insomnia, night sweats and weight gain
* Slimmer, skin older with more wrinkles
Decreased libido and lack of energy and drive
* confusion and memory problems

is hormone replacement therapy for menopause answer?

Until 2002 HR was widely prescribed and that the solution to menopause, when hormone production in the body begins to decline. The short-term use is not linked with the additional risk, but the long-term risk rises of heart disease and breast cancer. Following the requirements of the Health Initiative of Women 2002 in the UK and US have halved. In the years after there has been also a significant decrease in the number of breast cancers. What can you do instead?

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There is no solution that is widely used in the US, but little known in the UK. This is the same hormones found in hormone replacement therapy normal, but come in a slightly different form known as bioidentical. Which means they are exactly the same as his body was doing until she reached menopause. Those used in hormone replacement therapy are not identical and this is most likely the reason for the problems they have caused. For example, a type of estrogen is still widely used (more than 500,000 prescriptions issued in England in 2010) is known as conjugated estrogens and comes from the urine of mares pregnant at containing types of estrogen normally only found in horses .

The progesterone replacement therapy used in regular hormone replacement is known as progestin (or progestogen) and has a significantly different chemical structure of progesterone. The differences are clear:


* Made in large quantities during pregnancy
* It is also a diuretic
* Reduces the risk of blood clots
* has antidepressants
effects * Helps build bones


* it can cause miscarriages
* can cause fluid retention
* may cause blood clots
* Linked with mood changes
* you can reduce bone density

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bioidentical hormones they are made from plants, wild yam, especially Mexico and soy, to be chemically the same as the hormones that the body produces. The appeal of this is easy to understand.

Replacing the estrogen your body is no longer producing with the versions that are in therapy conventional hormone replacement is the replacement of parts designed for a Chevy with those for Mercedes . They can be almost the same, but with the two engine parts and biology, very precise measurements matter . “Dr. Jonathan Wright, medical director of the Tahoma Clinic in Washington DC.

Do we need additional hormones as we age?

There is an obvious parallel between nutrient uptake as they age because they absorb less efficient, and hormone replacement as levels decrease. Should we correct these deficiencies? Both are needed to help your body and brain to adapt to the changes around you, and may overlap. Vitamin D, for example, also functions as a hormone. Aging could indeed be defined as a loss of resilience. So if your goal is to live as long and healthy a life as possible, the obvious answer is yes.

is attractive, the idea seems, ultimately, the debate boils down to whether it really makes a difference in the real world. There is evidence that it does. A review of over 200 studies on bioidentical hormones in Graduate Review Journal concluded that they were more efficient and had greater health benefits that HRT regularly.

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Author Dr. Ken Holtor who runs a clinic that uses biogenetic hormones in the United States has said “Many doctors say there is no evidence that they are safer, but medical literature clearly shows that they are highly effective and have some very different, often opposite, physiological effects to normal HRT “.

Meanwhile, track people in the Health Initiative of Women found that among postmenopausal women using estrogen plus progestin was associated with more cases of advanced breast cancer and more deaths from them. And the same combination has also been associated with an increased risk of lung cancer.


Are natural hormones extend their healthy lifespan? The odds are good, but there is no definitive evidence yet. The idea of ​​using hormones to keep people well rather than treating the disease is relatively new; two US experts reviewed the evidence a few years ago, concluding that the “well-informed use of hormones in preventing welfare and disease will lead to a symptomatic improvement.”


The book by Patrick Holford, from which this excerpt was taken, is available on its website, along with his many other books on health and nutrition https://www.patrickholford.com

http://www.bio-hormone-health.com/2014/04/09/how- to-eat-off-hrt /

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