All you need to know about the sun and vitamin D

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All you need to know about the sun and vitamin D;

Sun and Vitamin D Benefits

sun and vitamin D

After a long winter, it is time to carry out the swimsuits and take in the sun! Finally it is warm enough to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Being in the Northeast, we have only a few months (May to September). They are warm enough to go sunbathing and enjoy some vitamin D.

Although in the winter, we can get some sun and try to eat a good amount of vitamin D rich foods, usually is not enough. So when summer comes, I’m excited getting the supplement, back to nature and get my vitamin D from the sun as we did hundreds of years ago.

Almost 70% of the population is deficient in vitamin D, an essential vitamin for good health.

Why are so many poor?

Getting enough vitamin D from your diet is not easy, very few foods naturally contain vitamin D should be eaten several times a week for adequate amounts of vitamin D The few foods that contain quantities higher, such as salmon or mackerel. This combined with the fact that doctors and the media are teaching everyone to fear the sun, which is why many are not getting enough of this vitamin. However, with a rational use, sun exposure can be very healing and should not be feared or avoided by asphyxiation skin with sunscreens chemically loaded.

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benefits of the sun and vitamin D

– prevents cancer
– stimulates the immune system
– Avoid multiple sclerosis
– prevents periodontal disease
– prevents cardiovascular disease
– prevents schizophrenia and depression
– Reduce Severity of asthma
– reduces the risk of diabetes

Difference between vitamin D from sunlight and supplements

When the skin is exposed to sunlight it absorbs both UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays allow the skin to synthesize vitamin D3, one of the main forms of vitamin D.

supplements may contain different forms of vitamin D, most consist of vitamin D2 and / or vitamin D3.

Although both vitamin D2 and D3 are hormone precursors of vitamin D, vitamin D3 is 3 times more effective in creating hormone. Therefore, vitamin D that absorb the sun is very beneficial and is a great choice to increase your vitamin D.

how much you need each day?

In general, be sure to get out and enjoy the sun for about 10 minutes a day. This does not mean you have to spend on a swimsuit, which can absorb sunlight as well, by exposing the arms, hands, legs or face. However, there are some factors that come into play with this number, your skin tone, your location and weather conditions.

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According to Dr. Hollick, people with darker skin may have to stay exposed to sunlight for about 20 to 30 minutes to absorb adequate amounts of vitamin D. Dr. Hollick equates this to someone with lighter skin using sunscreen.

If you live in a latitude further north, the sun’s rays are not as strong and should expose your skin for a longer time, about 30 minutes.

The best time for sunbathing is anywhere between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, as it is when UVB rays are more abundant.

What about a cloudy day?

On cloudy days, less UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface. However, some of the sun’s rays, UVA and UVB rays can still be absorbed through the skin. Even on a cloudy day, you can benefit from the absorption of the sun’s rays, however minimal.

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Can you get vitamin D While Interior?

Sometimes, the sun is shining, but it’s too cold to go or maybe work indoors, but have a window letting in light.

Have you ever wondered if you can still get some vitamin D through the glass?

In the winter, I sat in my living room next to the large windows and try to get some sun in the hope that this would give a certain advantage. Unfortunately, most of the glass blocks out most of the UVB rays that provide the benefits of vitamin D synthesis

Do not wash the skin after being in the sun

After sunbathing, which can take up to 48 hours before most vitamin D is absorbed! It is important not to wash the fat of your skin as vitamin D is formed on the surface and not immediately make their way into the bloodstream.

to allow optimal absorption, try not to wash your skin immediately after enjoying the sun outdoors.

How often do you try to get vitamin D from the sun?


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