Getting the most out of your probiotic? Learning to take Probiotics

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Getting the most out of your probiotic? Learning to take Probiotics;

They should have been taken with food or on an empty stomach? Learning to take probiotics to ensure absorption

how to take probiotics

Did you know that how you take probiotics issues? This may change whether or not your absorption of “friendly bacteria”.

Almost all containers to “how to take probiotics” that no matter whether with or without food. If you have tried to research this on the internet, it is even more confusing, since half of the sites said to take probiotics with food or otherwise not work, and the other half says take them without food.

However, no matter! Studies have shown that in order to benefit optimally and ensure that the good bacteria makes it down in the intestines, probiotics timing is key!

What are probiotics?

If you are not familiar with probiotics, probiotics are cultures of “good” bacteria. Your intestine contains a combination of both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics help ensure a good balance of intestinal flora.

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When we use the word probiotic, most of the time reference is made to a surcharge. However, the term can also be used when speaking of fermented foods because they also contain good bacteria.

Taking probiotics

Many people know the benefits of probiotics and added, “friendly bacteria” to your health regimen and take, either as a supplement or consumed in fermented foods that have live active cultures, such as yogurt, fermented pickles or fermented sauerkraut.

However, how to take probiotics often not considered, specifically what time of day is best to take them.

This is the truth:

If you are taking a supplement, it is better to take it with empty stomach when you wake up in the morning or before bed. When you wake up, take the probiotic, then get ready for the day preferably waiting at least 30 minutes before breakfast.

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You can also take the probiotic with food and still get pretty good absorption .. The reason for this may decrease the absorption of some of a probiotic supplement is that the probiotic just spend more time in the stomach. In addition, another reason to take on an empty stomach is because before the trip to the intestines, bacteria will find it harder to survive stomach acid during hard digestion, which affects its strength.

However, do not take them after a meal! Probiotics taken after a meal are even more difficult to survive stomach acid levels as it is when stomach acid is at its highest. A study last year found that when a probiotic supplement was taken after a meal, the extremely low levels of bacteria survived.

A recent study Journal of beneficial microbes showed that probiotics are absorbed best when taken before a meal and were absorbed nearly as well when taken with a meal containing fat.

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How else Get Probotics

You do not have to take probiotic supplements to ensure healthy intestinal flora, can also cause fermented foods! This is best done by himself and not rely on fermented foods store bought as often bastardized and preserved in salt and no-salt in lactobacterial.

is not taking a probiotic or fermented foods? Why you should start:

1. Improves digestion

2. healthy intestinal

3. Improves absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals

4. Reduction in the cavities

5. Increased resistance to infection, reduces the risk of flu and colds

6. reduced risk of colon cancer

7. Beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, etc.

probiotic drink? When do you usually take them?

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