Why Indrani Mukerjea makes me a worried mother

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Why Indrani Mukerjea makes me a worried mother ; Indrani Mukerjee

Indrani Mukerjea is a hot topic these days. There are jokes about it on social networks, opinion and access to the remnants of his great life on TV, online and wherever you go. While most of us are reading about it and talk about their wily ways with a cup of tea with friends and colleagues, that is certainly having a detrimental effect on the minds of young children. Above all, those who have easy access to WhatsApp and Facebook.

Now, this news no matter how powerful it can be seen by young children in a different light and you could end up interpreting the whole thing in a different way. And as parents to not be able to do much. Now you know that we can not do much to reduce the influence of social media in their lives.

Recently, after reading the story of Indrani Mukerjea, an interpolation asked his mother. “Tell mother I can trust now If a mother can kill her daughter, who can trust ? “in another incident shared in social media, a mother claims that her teenage daughter was livid when she did not allow her to wear red lipstick. She thought her mother was cunning and cruel as Indrani Mukerjea, who does not love his daughter.

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Well, these incidents to make one thing clear that these stories of shocking real life can move the boat with your teenage son or daughter, and it is not always a relationship smooth sailing. An age when a child is more enthusiasts to experience and explore the limits of parents are bumpers. Children do not realize that it is measures taken by parents to ensure their safety. And news like this, which highlights the fact that a mother can take the life of his own son, can do a lot of questions running through young minds, such as whether they are loved or not.

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I am happy that my son has not reached that stage where you understand news and affected. But I constantly afraid how I will handle your questions or reactions to such incidents if ever meets them when I grow up, because I have my doubts if the world ever become better.

This made me think about how a parent can handle such situations in which the child begins to suspect about the father.

Report: If your child is tense or the news has had an impact on it, try to talk it out with her. If she is the first to start the conversation, not a brush. Even questions like, “Are bad mothers? ‘, They will not move. I handle it in a quiet and mature way. Probably you can say,’ No, they are not, they are El Salvador of a child ‘, and also explain how each person has a dark side to them. This could also be an opportunity for you to explain to your child that confidence should not be placed on anyone with ease and why self-sufficiency is necessary.

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Embrace: not only will your baby or toddler, grown children need more physical contact and warmth hug and tell your child that is safe and secure with you Above all, if it had been discussing a delicate.. mother-daughter relationship as a Indrani of

Love:. Yes tell your son, ‘I love you’ as you can One thing can help your little one feel safe and secure and loved. . further Remember that your actions are not enough, his son no matter what age, needs the assurance of words.

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