The New Fibromyalgia: Part 2

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The New Fibromyalgia: Part 2 ;

Millie Lytle, ND, MPH, SNC

The first part of the new fibromyalgia , we look at the history of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). We have highlighted how the diagnostic criteria associated with SFM has changed over the years from requiring specific areas of tenderness or pain with diffuse pain and many symptoms and comorbid diagnoses, either in conjunction with FMS or involved in their development. And finally, the key nutrients involved in the Krebs cycle, that contribute to energy production in the cell were identified.

Krebs Cycle

Cycle Krebs is the energy cycle of the cell. Also known as the cycle citric acid , the chemical process by which our food energy is converted into ATP adenosine triphosphate, the chemical energy source from which all the body’s energy is generated . Kreb cycle conducted in the power plant of the cell, known as mitochondria. The proper functioning of mitochondria and a high number of mitochondria both are necessary for optimal energy production. Mitochondrial disease defined as a clinically heterogeneous group of disorders arising as a result of a genetic dysfunction of the mitochondrial respiratory chain 1 . Therefore, when the energy of ATP is not created correctly by the cell, it can be said that there mitochondrial disease 1 . In this article we discuss 1) a new theory of evolution of the disease may depend on the health of the cell mitochondria, 2) the theory that this controversial disease may be changing in it is the diagnostic criteria and increasing due the interaction between medical treatments, nutrient deficiencies and other problems comorbid lifestyle.


Nutrients involved in the Krebs cycle they are essential for energy production in mitochondria ATP. When this energy is not produced correctly for any number of reasons, there is a mitochondrial dysfunction, resulting in a lack of ATP production and accompanying symptoms of FMS; namely fatigue, muscle, nerve and pain and stiffness bind. As FMS continues to be better understood, what is increasingly clear that some researchers and doctors is that the accumulation of causal factors and organ systems involved mitochondrial disease may have as a common denominator 2.3 . At the cellular level mitochondrial disease may explain why symptoms of fibromyalgia must be linked to many factors as vast as genetic predisposition, malfunction DNA vaccine hepatitis B 4 vaccine HPV 5 , cigarette smoking 6 , gluten sensitivity 7 . In particular, however, it is the use of some of the most commonly prescribed drugs that could produce a similar image of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. At the cellular level, all require oxygen, each micro (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) and macronutrients (proteins, fatty acids and glucose) involved and indirectly involved in the Krebs cycle or energy.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

One study compared the involvement of mitochondria in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), FMS and normal healthy controls. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells exhibited decreased levels of coenzyme Q10 both patients with CFS and FMS and subjects and decreased ATP levels for patients with CFS and FMS for healthy subjects, compared to the contestants. By contrast, both CFS and FMS patients had significantly increased levels of oxidative stress induced damage of lipid peroxidation. While the first findings overlap between MFS and CFS, a key enzyme in the respiratory chain mitochondrial citrate synthase activity was significantly lower in patients with FM, while the SFC, which resulted in similar levels the controls. In addition, the mitochondrial DNA content was reduced in patients with fibromyalgia compared to normal in CFS and healthy controls. epigenetic expression of mitochondrial disease pointed to the FM, but not CFS or healthy controls. These data lead to the hypothesis that mitochondrial events dysfunction could the dependent be a marker of differentiation between CFS and FMS the indicating mitochondria as a potential new therapeutic target in particular FMS 2 .

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coenzyme Q10

coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is the nutrient cycle Krebs best studied for pain and myalgia. As we saw in the last study of patients with FM they have reduced CoQ10, a finding that has doubled in several studies. CoQ10 is an essential cofactor nutrients conditionally Krebs cycle. It is composed of the human body, as well as small amounts of origin from a variety of foods. As you age naturally depreciate CoQ10 levels. Some disease conditions, stress and medications have also been shown to reduce levels of CoQ10. For example, it has been a theory longstanding statin-associated muscle pain (myalgia) is caused, at least in part helped by a reduction of CoQ10 9.15 and L-carnitine 9 in muscle mitochondria. muscle pain or myalgia is one of the main reasons why patients stop their statin or significantly reduce the dose of your statin 10.15 . It is estimated that up to 25% of statin users who exercise may experience muscle complaints due to statin therapy, which may be potentially fired by the patient and physician 15 . Statin therapy has also been shown to cause muscle complaints in patients without inducing a marked increase in the level of creatine kinase 15 . The relationship between the use of statins with fibromyalgia clinic are a concern for patients and physicians. In a large study of population health, it was shown that 67% of Americans have LDL ( “bad”) cholesterol from 2010, which is a continuous upward trend of previous years 12 . It was also assessed that approximately 24% of the American public is taking statins to lower LDL cholesterol 12 . Fortunately for millions of Americans, supplementation with CoQ10 has been found to improve the patient experience myalgia in patients treated with statins reducing pain and restoring levels of CoQ10 deficiency 10,11,13,14 , in the clinical trial 13 . Fortunately already been established that women treated with statins 14 and adolescents 15 with fibromyalgia and labeled intolerant statins 11 they have been isolated as particularly benefit from CoQ10 supplementation. The mechanism of CoQ10 for pain reduction can be through its regulation of inflammatory agents called Inflammasomes whose growing presence in patients treated with statins increases muscle pain and stiffness 17 .

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CoQ10 is not the only nutrient pain associated with FMS type. The following nutrients indirectly necessary for the Kreb cycle . When the trace mineral deficiencies were assessed by its coincidence with FMS, low levels of magnesium and zinc deficiency associated with FMS with more sensitive points they are particularly associated with low levels of zinc 18 . Symptomatic myalgia in patients treated with statins concurrent with vitamin D deficiency may reflect a reversible interaction between vitamin D deficiency and statins on skeletal muscle 19 . no specific muscle aches and Arab populations between India and Pakistan may indicate a deficiency of vitamin D, and timely treatment can lead to resolution of symptoms 20 .

There are still many unknowns about FM, which is one reason why diagnostic criteria has changed over the decades. As mitochondrial disease is better understood, it is increasingly clear that some researchers and doctors is that the accumulation of etiologic factors and organ systems can be condensed with the common denominator of mitochondria. These power plants, which are found in all body systems and each cell type are likely hinge manifested FM, which may explain the mysterious and elucive appearance of FM patients and their general rejection by many doctors in conventional medicine.

Dr Millie headshot Dr. Millie Lytle is an advocate in the natural health industry with over 20 years of experience. She is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (Canada) and Certified Nutrition Specialist live and practice in New York. She also has a Master of Public Health (Germany).

She is the founder of the State of Food zest for diet and nutrition personalized program, Eating for Meaning to prevent and treat chronic health condition. Using the principles of naturopathic medicine, care and epigenetics, which solves puzzles health of their patients. She is a researcher and published author. She is the host of the radio through the sample DocTalk US including Dr. Millie hours Radio Invitation Health and eating for Meaning Show. She has a goal to live healthy until 120 years using Eating in search of meaning in


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