This is why you should not skip their medications for heart problems

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This is why you should not skip their medications for heart problems ; heart disease and medicines

Although most people take drugs as recommended by the doctor, sometimes you can miss a dose or two. Do not take your medication regularly can have serious effects, he says Dr. Santosh Kumar Dora, cardiology and electrophysiology Consultant, Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai. Although it is okay to stop taking medications gastritis , infections headache , cough and cold medicines without consulting a doctor, medications for hypertension , diabetes, blood thinners and cholesterol control should be taken permanently or as recommended by your doctor without missing a dose. Here’s more information about why you need to take medication for heart problems religiously.

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Whenever he prescribes medication, knows quite well what is the drug on the impact and if you stop taking it. Also, keep in mind that most drugs like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood thinners must be taken for life. If you forget to take medicines for blood pressure when blood pressure surges, which can lead to intracranial hemorrhage renal damage , eye problems or heart failure ( in the worst case). If you stop taking anticoagulants, which is recommended for people with heart block and high cholesterol then you can suffer from a heart attack . Why should not stop taking the medication unless your doctor’s advice about. suffering from heart disease? Here are some expert tips to stay healthy .

drugs and side effects

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Needless to say that following the advice of your doctor to take medication for the disease heart is required to deal with the disease. But this does not mean that you do not see a doctor about side effects. Some medications can cause side effects such as gastritis and bleeding, which should not be ignored. In such cases, you can stop taking the drugs for a few days, but do not forget to tell your doctor about it. It is recommended to consult your doctor as you may change your medications or recommend alternatives with fewer side effects. Be sure to talk with your doctor about the continuation or discontinuation of medication and no matter what, make sure your doctor is well informed at all times about the side effects of medications (if any). Here are unusual symptoms of heart disease (this could save your life!) .

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