How meditation can relieve your chronic lower back pain

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How Meditation Can Relieve Your Chronic Lower Back Pain

If you often have to chronic back pain but does not like taking pain medication all the time, it must be worth considering alternatives, a new study shows.

based stress reduction in attention and cognitive behavioral therapy may be more effective than standard treatment to relieve chronic low back pain, according to a new study.

Standard treatment options for back pain include over-the-counter and prescription drugs, cold and hot packs, exercise, and in some cases, surgery.

stress reduction based on attention, however, combines elements of mindfulness meditation and yoga, while cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that trains specific thoughts and behaviors change.

The study helps demonstrate that therapies that are not based on drugs, such as meditation can help people manage their chronic low back pain, says expert lifestyle medicine Jane Ehrman, MEd .

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Less back pain

The study, researchers at Group Health Cooperative, Seattle and the University of Washington, Seattle, randomly assigned 342 people aged 20 to 70, who had chronic back pain weekly during the last year, two groups.

For a year, the first group received the standard form of treatment for low back pain for one year. Members of the second group used the therapy or stress reduction and low pay attention or cognitive behavior to relieve his pain. The second group practiced these complementary strategies for two hours a week.

at 26 and 52 weeks, members of the second group reported a greater improvement in function and back pain compared to the first group.

The intensity of pain and some measures of improved mental health for all members of the second group. But using cognitive behavioral therapy did not see improvements beyond six months.

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Those using stress reduction based on attention, however, continued to see improvement a year later, leading the researchers to conclude that there may be an effective treatment for chronic low back pain .

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attention Reorientation

Meditation can help relieve pain by moving the focus to more quiet and calm, says Ms. Ehrman.

“When your focus is on pain obviously increases the pain,” she says. “For people who meditate, muscle tension and drops in heart rate, breathing slows and your breathing becomes deeper. All those things have an impact on pain.”

More research is needed do to learn what is happening in the brain during mindfulness meditation and why the relaxation response is altered, as well as things like pain and mood, she says.

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the good news is that it is easy to practice at home and can be an effective way to manage pain management without the use of narcotics, “says Ms. Ehrman.

” This is sitting or lying down, in a place that is free from interruptions as much as possible, then gently close the eyes to calm other distractions and just simply focus on your breathing, “she says.

like any thing, mediation requires practice, says Ms. Ehrman.

“it is about being able to build the ability of consciousness in order to train your brain to focus on breathing, or a word or phrase that is positive, “she says.

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