Decisions: Carve a Life

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Decisions: Carve a Life ;

“It’s about carving. It is a drink and carve and carve and get them sharp and perfect. then you have something. ” James Victore

I always choose Feb. 2 nd Groundhog Day, also known as Imbolc, Candlemas, and the day of St. Brigid, as my day for taking decisions. For example, I had a career decision I had to do, so I started on February 2 nd as my deadline for the outcome of my decision. I choose this day particular decision because it is a contemplation of the return of the underworld, the metaphor of the descent of Persephone in Hades and climb back into the world (well, it may be clear that I do not know my mythology, but it works for me). It is the day of the decision of whether to bend down to rest over winter or to prepare for spring storm increased. So I thought I’d write a little about the decisions this month. And it is something that many people struggle, especially in this abundant world where we have so many choices, so many options.


One of the key issues with decision-making is aware that when we choose something, life is narrowed. All possibilities are no longer an option. My son recently brought this with me. His view was that children have so many rules to follow, restrictions and limits. Their perception was that adults could do whatever they wanted. I thought and expressed the juxtaposition of “options”. The world is full of possibilities for children. As we grow and find interests that chose to spend the time spent fewer interests, though perhaps with more depth. As men, the maturation process the field of what we are narrowing. We become less amorphous, more solidified. As a stem cell becomes more differentiated with each division, the other options are eliminated. I find it interesting that when the mature cells lose their specificity, as occurs in cancer cells, things go wrong, with the disease. Similarly, when a man does not choose his life, it becomes amorphous and loses its way in the world. Individual expression loses itself at a fundamental level, so that, without the guidance of carving his life, he wanders.

In life, you will be presented with a set of doors. Clear about which to choose, just pick one and know that you will continue the adventure, one that hones and consolidates what we are.


Decisions create way, that define us increasingly throughout life. That thought can be frightening, even overwhelming for many. When we choose a life partner, the possibility of partnering with one of about seven million other is eliminated. And we wonder, could be something better out there? When we commit to a career decision, we take classes or somehow are educated to specialize our knowledge, skill and / or perspective, which is a process of limitation. In fact, the root of the word “elimination” comes from the Latin, limen , which means “threshold”. When crossing a threshold, as well as leave the burrow Marmot, courage is needed, because while there are new possibilities, bringing new opportunities, let’s be honest, potentially narrows our world too.

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Many people in the world can not tolerate the idea that “say yes to one also means saying no to the other.” I think this is especially true for those men on the threshold of life, which are tightly held to the belief that we can be anyone, do anything. At some point, there is a need to leave that behind and consolidate our lives. As I explained to my son, that internal security is taken, -dad ground and a little faith, in order to mature and become what we are solidly.


Later, as we age, the plant gives way, and we become less solid, less some of our senses, the less physical body, and perhaps more ethereal. But that discussion is for another day. In this February, I am challenging men to elect and be. Think about next year. Within you, what you want to see rise, following spring sunshine and thawing? It is likely that the decision has already been done- you already know. You know the direction you want to go, but fear and intimidation may be slowing. One of the most influential men in my life, told me once that life will show us the door. And when it does, open a door and walk through. When presented with another set of doors, choose again. The process of choosing a door and walk is like carving. We started with a piece of wood undefined, and reduce gradually creating our life. Come on, pick a door and walk through.

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Dr. Steve Rissman is a full-time associate in the Department of Health Professions at Metropolitan State University of Denver professor, teaching in Integral Health program. Pathophysiology teaches Clinic, Men’s Health, Men of all cultures, men and anger, and several other classes. Dr. Rissman has studied, taught and worked in the field of men’s health for over twenty years and has led the way in lighting the path for young men who embark on the journey to better understand themselves same. In a new facet of his professional life, Dr. Rissman is the principal investigator of a research project looking men qualities of great men who know their purpose in life and have a broader vision than is possible.

In her practice on his farm north of Denver, Dr. Rissman works with men / children with confounding factors for conduct related to anger / rage, anxiety and depression in their lives.

Having grown up on a farm and spend a lot of time in the outdoors, Dr. Rissman has a deeply rooted curiosity of the laws of nature, particularly science the disease process. Consequently, it has an extraordinary ability to illicit the history of the process of dis-ease only one and perceiving what needs to be cured in every man / individual child, the use of psychotherapy, herbal medicines, therapeutic nutrition, homeopathic medicines and other interesting methods designed to help men drive through the abyss of evil-be toward a richer life with purpose.

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