New application of mental health to relieve stress post-earthquake

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A new mental health application is designed to help earthquake victims recover from trauma and promoting the general welfare. The application, which works by setting goals of self, is the latest tool All Right? A public health campaign in New Zealand created to help people recover from the emotional effects of earthquakes, according to the press. Read about: disorder posttraumatic stress

application users would be offered easy ‘mini’ missions every day to improve mental health and wellbeing. As the mini missions are completed application will reward with positive feedback and hearts full of accounts showing the number of objectives have been achieved.

“There are many tests to be proactive about wellness care can give us a real boost, even when times are stressful, ‘all right? public health specialist Lucy D’Aeth, was quoted as saying. “While there is a magic wand to ensure good mental health and well-being, taking some simple steps each day to take care of ourselves can help us feel better. We want people to use the application as a means of improving their welfare mind in a busy world and sometimes stressful ‘Lee :. suffering from PTSD? Eating blueberries

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the missions were related to the “Five ways to Wellbeing’, designed by the New Economics Foundation in England. These included the connection with others, learning new skills, giving time to others, noting the good things around you and be active. Examples of mini-missions include: “Playing an old school game ‘(connect),’ try a new recipe ‘(keep learning),’ Smile at a stranger … or 10 ‘(give)” Take a picture of something we are thankful for ‘(observe) and “Get our side to walk, bike or kicking’ (active).

The latest research conducted by well? published in February showed that while many people had made great strides in recovering from the effects of earthquakes, others – including those with insurance claims and EQC Liquidate -. they still faced enormous stressors

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“it may sound trite to suggest to anyone living in a broken home to go for a walk outdoors or phone a friend who has been meaning to catch up more often do the little things like this can “recharge” our -being welfare and ensure that we are mentally suitable for coping with stress in our lives, “said D’Aeth.

The application is now available through the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android phones.

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