The Benghazi in your body

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The Benghazi in your body ;

The causes of violent destruction in Benghazi can not be found if the investigation is limited to time and locale of the bombing. Similarly, the Benghazis in your body, flu, IBS, multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc.-are not found shortsighted diagnosis are assumed by recent, and local causes.

naturopathic diagnosis examines the causal relationship in other organ systems as a result of the factors that predispose the long term. The use of MS as an example, MS is not a disease of the nervous system. Demyelination of neurons is the end result of the weakening of other organs such as the small intestine, liver, and thyroid. (I mention these organs as examples only. The specific organs involved may vary with each individual.)

Breast cancer (and MS, IBS or flu, for that matter) do not start in the morning a woman finds a lump in her breast. Metabolic degeneration that allows cancer cells to live and multiply probably has been going on for more than 10 years ago cells.

The immune system health is inseparable from the nutritional situation itself, sleep deprivation, emotional stress, finance, and understanding and attitudes (political) towards your body and health.

Similarly, to discover the deeper causes of Benghazi, we must look at the events bombing, the killing of Muammar Gaddafi over a year ago, the resulting social and economic damage and imperialist attitudes and militarists who led these events. No catastrophic events is carried out in isolation from the events that preceded it. Healing, if in the human body or human society, is governed by the same laws.

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Naturopathic medicine has been guided by the same universal principles in its history. Benghazis are predictable and preventable if understood and lived by the principles of healing. It healing at any level is the result of understanding and living practices that dictate these principles. You should examine the way you live, including your diet, movement, rest, thinking and relationships, with the intention that these actions express their love and understanding of natural law.

This path is not for everyone. Some are satisfied with the short-term, local solutions, violent intended to destroy evil “enemy” of the disease. However more and more people are learning to interpret their illnesses as hard messengers instructing them to discover and heal their own self-injurious behaviors. This less violent, less confrontational path leads to outgrow in self-understanding and self-pity. This means that we must look first to ourselves and our own actions to find the causes of our suffering. External factors are usually secondary causes.

honest examination is alarming and frightening. Faced with our own faults and weaknesses is impossible without self-pity. Personal honesty and self-pity are the attitudes, spiritual medicines that cure us. We ourselves are the object of our healing efforts, not as a disease like cancer or MS evil. What is needed is healing, our being; our own character; our ignorance of our own needs and our lack of real interest and concern for the fulfillment of our needs.

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Ignorance and lack of interest are recognized by naturopathic doctors that are the root causes of disease. The universal remedy is self-understanding and self-pity. The misery of the disease drives us in search of medicine that leads us increasingly ourselves. At first we begin to understand the causal relationship between our illness and our acts of self-harm. Closer to the end of our trip, we find that is our true love for ourselves that our propensity healthy, our addiction to torture ourselves. The power of love refuses to allow this abuse. We stop eating too much bread not because we do not like more and not because bitterly criticize ourselves to eat, but because ourselves and understand with perfect clarity every little nuance of way too much bread much (self-criticism, lack of sleep) becomes in misery, either neuronal degeneration (MS), breast tumors or bladder infections.

Not surprisingly complex diseases; inflammation, oozing sores and the most disgusting and painful changes in our flesh healed by this call goodness or the subtlest love “something”? And miraculously, mysteriously this healing power is our own nature. It’s who and what we really are. For ourselves, and our love is so real and so strong that heals, that is, we heal our bodies, our actions, our thoughts. Love casts even the smallest desire for anything that would harm us. We do all our thoughts, words and deeds of life expression of our love for ourselves.

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Our own goodness and intelligence heal us.

The disease, like Benghazi, is a symptom of our alienation from the living goodness that is our nature.

Unkind actions produce misery; kind actions heal.

Very simple. Very difficult.

Cropley-138 Dr. Charley Cropley has been a practice of Naturopathic Doctor, professor and author in the Boulder / Denver since 1979. He has trained hundreds of doctors in their methods of nutrition and automatic recovery. a variety of courses and retreats are taught. He is the author of numerous articles, several books, a blog and an array of audio and video. He is a frequent speaker at schools of naturopathic medicine, and is considered by his peers as one of the most important thinkers of today and teachers in the philosophy and practice of naturopathic medicine.

Charley works with all types of health problems using no drugs or supplements. He teaches his patients to heal themselves through healthy nutrition, strengthening exercises, positive thinking and honest stable and loving relationships. He lives what he teaches.

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