A beta-blocker Banana Natural Anxiety

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A beta-blocker Banana Natural Anxiety;


natural beta blocker

natural way to treat anxiety with a banana

Anxiety is a very common problem for many, if minor , severe, or simply limited to certain situations.

Fortunately, there are many natural ways to reduce anxiety and reduce stress it causes in the body.

Being a victim of long-term anxiety, I thought I had tried every natural treatment, but it was not until last month I discovered how bananas can be beneficial for anxiety! A few weeks ago, a friend of childhood turned musician mentioned that before each show eating a banana to reduce stage fright.

After doing some research on the use of bananas to treat anxiety and give myself a chance to stressful situations, such as large meetings or presentations, it really works! However, the time when the banana is eaten is key!

Bananas are a Natural Beta Blocker

why bananas work you wonder? Bananas have similar effects to a (pharmaceutical) class of drugs called beta-adrenergic blockers. Beta blockers are prescribed to treat anxiety, lower blood pressure or heart disease. Beta blockers prevent adrenaline binding to beta receptors resulting in blood pressure and pulse rate, usually skyrocket when experiencing anxiety and stress.

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Bananas have been shown to result similarly, that acts as a beta-blocker in all natural body. Bananas are rich in potassium, an essential mineral that allows the body to increase sodium excretion results in a decrease in blood volume and low blood pressure. An increased level of potassium is beneficial for people with anxiety, because when we are under stress our metabolic rate increases and causes a drop in potassium levels.

Bananas also contain tryptophan, a protein that can be converted into serotonin. They also contain a high amount of B vitamins that help calm the nervous system.

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Timing is key!

For best results eat bananas to treat anxiety, make sure you eat at the right time!

Musicians have been using bananas for years to combat stage fright, making sure to eat one before a show. If you are able to plan for a specific event or know when an anxiety-inducing situation will occur, this will be very useful to know when to eat.

It is suggested eat a or two bananas on ½ hour before situation of events / anxiety. Many have also found it useful to eat a banana additional half way through, for example, the musicians take a break from performing and take a banana.

Other benefits of bananas

because bananas act as a natural beta blocker, are not only beneficial for the treatment of anxiety, but can also be helpful for depression, stress and blood pressure.

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see your magnesium levels

The tryptophan contained in bananas also results in an increased level of magnesium in your body, which helps in reducing the anxiety. Low levels of magnesium have been found by many studies to cause anxiety. It is estimated that 90% of Americans are deficient in magnesium and not only that, but when anxiety occurs, which causes magnesium depletion, creating an endless cycle. To read more about this check out my post on Magnesium deficiency causes anxiety .

Have you tried all this naturally beta blocker? Have you seen any improvement in eating bananas?


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