Home remedies to treat heartburn

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Home Remedies To Treat Heartburn

The burning sensation in the chest that occurs after eating, which lasts a few minutes to several hours is called as heartburn. This is caused by acid reflux or the current flowing back of digestive juices from the stomach into the esophagus due to damage of the sphincter muscle that separates the esophagus and stomach. The stomach is part of the digestive system where digestion with the help of digestive juices and enzymes occurs. These juices are acidic and stomach is protected from these juices by special cells lining the inside of the stomach. When these juices acid reflux into the esophagus causing irritation as esophagus does not have the protective lining. The pain of acid reflux (heartburn) may be in the lower chest or may extend to the back of the throat. If there is acid reflux near the larynx in the throat, can cause coughing and hoarseness of voice.

Causes of heartburn

Heartburn is actually a symptom of another disease called GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Risk factors heartburn include those which increase the production of stomach acid. The food we eat and drink can stimulate increased secretion of stomach acid. Some of the irritants that cause heartburn includes
• Caffeine
• Soft drinks
• Alcohol
• fruit juices acidic like grapefruit, pineapple, orange, etc.
• chocolates
• spicy foods
• Smoking
other factors that acts as one of the causes of heartburn include pregnancy, hiatal hernia, obesity etc.

Symptoms of heartburn

The symptoms of heartburn include
• A sharp, burning sensation felt just below the breastbone or ribs
• Chest pain that occurs after meals when lying on your back or exercising or during a stressed condition
• symptoms rapidly in response to antacid
• the chest pain is not accompanied by a sweat cold
In some people it is difficult to distinguish heartburn from heart attack. If you are unsure about symptoms it is best to get medical care before using any home remedy. If you are sure that you are suffering from heartburn feel free to use home remedies that actually is able to reduce the problem.

home remedies to treat heartburn:

You do not have to suffer at all if you have heartburn. The following are the simple things that you can practice at home to get a good relief of heartburn discomfort.

1. The apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar is considered an excellent home remedy to treat heartburn. It is very effective to calm stomach problems and also helps in digestion.
• Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix in half a cup of pure water. Make sure you buy organic apple cider vinegar for best results.
• Drink the mixture immediately after each meal is taken.
• You will feel discomfort in the stomach disappears and it will also help in easy digestion.

2. Buttermilk

Whey is another effective home remedy for heartburn that can be easily done at home or is readily available in the supermarket. As whey has acidic properties that work in your stomach to provide relief from acid reflux and heartburn.
• All you need to do is drink half a cup buttermilk ice cold milk after meals for immediate relief of heartburn.
• Ideally, milk and fermented soy products in your diet to avoid acid reflux problems is used.
• It is better to stick to low-fat milk to prepare the whey, as it will help in easy and immediate problems of heartburn relief.

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3. Cinnamon tea

cinnamon and cardamom are natural herbs that have large properties to cool the heat of acidity upset. You can make herbal tea with cardamom or cinnamon sticks for immediate relief of heartburn.
• Take one or two cinnamon sticks and then crush in a blender. You can dust so well in the blender.
• Take a teaspoon of cinnamon crushed or ground cinnamon and add to a cup of water.
• Mix well and then boil the water for a few minutes.
• Add one or two pieces of cardamom in the boiling water.
• Then strain the water and drink cinnamon tea after a fatty or spicy to get rid of the problems of heartburn food.

4. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is a well-known refrigerant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also found to be as effective for relieving stomach pain and heartburn and skin.
• Take aloe vera juice specially prepared for domestic consumption at least twice a day when you suffer from heart burns.
• You will provide your stomach with a cooling effect and relieve heartburn. It would be ideal for you to choose organic aloe vera juice for effective results.

5. Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate has all the properties in it that fight stomach problems and heartburn. It is a powerful antacid that will help in reducing heartburn instantly. However, if you are a victim of regular burning stomach, then it is best to avoid taking baking soda because it is high in salt content and therefore could cause side effects such as nausea and inflammation.
• Take about ¾ teaspoon baking soda and mix well in a glass of water.
• Drink this water after having your meal or when you feel the symptoms of heartburn.
• It instantly neutralize the acid and provide temporary relief from heartburn caused by acid reflux.

6. Basil leaves

Basil leaves are a natural home remedy you can think when you are suffering from gases in the stomach, nausea, and heartburn. This will help relieve heartburn to some extent.
• Gum two or three basil leaves will provide immediate relief from stomach acid.
• You can also boil a handful of basil leaves in a glass of water for a few minutes.
• Strain the contents and then drink this water after it is hot. Drink this after eating food to reduce stomach acidity.

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7. Garlic

Garlic it is a known natural home remedy for treating heartburn. It has been used to treat heartburn for ages now. Garlic immediately help soothe the stomach area and provides relief from heartburn.
• Whenever you feel that you are having problems acidity, simply chew one or two cloves of peeled garlic fresh. You will get immediate relief from heartburn.
• You can put a few pieces of garlic apple cider vinegar and store it for a while.
• When the sensation of heartburn is obtained, you can drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar liquid soaked with garlic to get immediate relief.
• You can also eat a couple of cloves of garlic soaked in apple cider vinegar for immediate relief.

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8. Mustard

You will be surprised to know that mustard is a very effective home remedy you can think for heartburn. It will provide immediate relief of heartburn and works beautifully every time suffering from acid reflux attacks.
• Whenever you feel that are affected by acid reflux, just take a teaspoon of yellow mustard and mixed in half a glass of water.
• Drink this water to get immediate relief from acid reflux.
• The yellow mustard has turmeric as one of its main ingredients that will help in the fight against digestive disorders.

9. Drinking water

Water is a natural and effective home remedy for a lot of health problems. Will help in flushing out the excess acid in the stomach and adequate intake of water will help remove excess acid that fills the esophagus.
• It would be ideal to drink six to eight glasses of water every day if you are a person who suffers from heartburn problems.
• It is also important for you to ensure that you do not consume too much water as this would make the problem worse.

10. Turmeric

Turmeric is well known as an antiseptic and also help in preventing the accumulation of acid in the stomach. Turmeric is added in most prepared foods in India, as it has excellent digestive properties.
• If turmeric is not used in your kitchen every day, you can then take turmeric capsules that are readily available before meals to help in preventing any acid reflux.
• You can also think about adding a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of buttermilk and drink this mixture every day if you are a regular victim of heartburn.

11. Peppermint oil

oil of peppermint or spearmint leaves are a very good home remedy for the treatment of heartburn. It will provide immediate relief from indigestion.
• If you think you are suffering from indigestion problems, then all you need to do is chew one or two pieces of mint leaves to get immediate relief from indigestion problems.
• you can also add two drops of peppermint oil in a tablespoon of cold water and drink whenever you suffer from indigestion. You are sure to get immediate relief. It will also help solve their problems stomach irritation.

12. Potatoes

potato juice is found to be a safe and effective home remedy that you can think of when you suffer from acid attacks in the stomach. This will help neutralize the acid in the stomach and helps the lining of the esophagus.
• extract the juice of a raw potato and mixed with equal amounts of cold water.
• Stir this mixture well until the water clouds with starch.
• Drink immediately after stirring for immediate relief from the problems of acid in the stomach.

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13. Grapes

Grapes are also a very effective home remedy that you can always take increasingly suffering from digestion problems. It is known to provide instant relief from stomach pain and also helps in proper digestion.
• All you need to do is to pop in about 10 to 15 grapes every time you feel you have any problems of indigestion and get immediate relief.
• Drink a glass of juice and fresh grapes pure will also help to get a good relief from indigestion.

14. Ginger

Ginger is one of the age old remedies to treat heartburn. It can be added to any food that is cooked and can also be consumed as ginger tea for better relief stomach indigestion.
• Add a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice with a tablespoon of honey. Put this mixture in a quarter cup of water and mix well.
• Drink the mixture of ginger to get immediate relief from indigestion problems.
• You can also boil small cut pieces of fresh ginger in a glass of water. Boil for a few minutes.
• Strain the water and drink this hot ginger tea to get immediate relief from digestion problems.

15. Fennel tea

It is also believed that tea made from fennel and anise seeds are also very effective in treating problems of acidity in the stomach.
• Add a teaspoon of fennel seeds and a teaspoon anise seeds in a glass of water.
• Boil this mixture for about 10 minutes.
• Then strain the contents and drink the tea that have been prepared for immediate relief of heartburn.

16. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is known to be a very good supplier of relief for a lot of health problems. It works wonders for people suffering from problems of acid because the instant help neutralize the acid in the stomach.
• Take three or four chamomile flowers and add in a cup of water.
• Brig this mixture to boil water for about 5 minutes.
• Strain the water and drink when hot to get immediate relief from indigestion.

17. Apple

• Eating one or two slices of apple will also help in reducing acid production in the stomach.
• Apples have the ability to neutralize acid formation in the stomach in about five minutes.
• It would be ideal for you to go for organic apples so that you can see effective results in a short period of time.

18. Pineapple juice

• The consumption of 125 ml of fresh pineapple juice after meals will help reduce acidity problems in the stomach.
• It contains an enzyme called bromelain that help reduce levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Do you suffer from hyperacidity problems? Do you feel that you are in discomfort due to heartburn problems? If so, try some of the home remedies mentioned above to get instant relief from acidity problems.

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