Natural remedies for asthma –

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Natural remedies for asthma – ; Do they work? Asthma relief

before knowing if there are any natural remedies to treat asthma or not, must include one thing in mind that asthma can not be cured. However, there are exceptions to this as well. According to Dr. Gyanendra Agrawal, Senior Consultant, Unit of Respiratory and Critical Care, Hospital Jaypee, Noida , ‘Although asthma can only be treated and not cured, it can be completely cured in a subgroup of children especially those who suffer from asthma since childhood. However, the percentage of these cases is 10 – only 20%, which means that one in five children suffering from asthma can be cured by the age of 10 to 12 years. But this requires regular medication intake and carefully controlling the disease, along with staying away from asthma triggers. “Here For more information on how control asthma in children . asthma

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Can be treated naturally?

As regards natural resources, Dr. Agarwal says that from now on, there is no scientific evidence that natural remedies asthma are effective in the treatment of asthma in its entirety. However, most people try different natural ways to treat asthma, such as gargling with salt water or fish therapy, in which the patient has to swallow a live fish, which do not help treat the condition ( there is no research to validate the effectiveness of these remedies). In fact, it is recommended that instead of going natural, carefully controlling triggers and taking medications as prescribed by your doctor may help treat disease more effectively. Read more about how to prevent an asthma attack .

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As asthma is an episodic disease, which means that symptoms are not persistent, but may appear occasionally, when risk factors are activated, the only way to prevent the disease is to avoid these triggers and taking medications regularly and not just when symptoms are experienced. And if the drug is not your cup of tea, you can even use inhalers, which are not only effective and safe but also provide quick relief. Here’s more information about asthma medications -. Use, side effects, interactions and overdoses

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