Top 6 Reasons to have a cup of hot tea in the morning!

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Top 6 Reasons to have a cup of hot tea in the morning! ; Health benefits of drinking tea

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Tea has long been an institution, with millions of cups had dinner every day, so it is unlikely that a staple of modern life. But now it seems that green tea and even the humble beer has regained its status as a healthy drink. This is because, studies have shown that this cup provides more than a simple dose of caffeine with enormous health benefits. Here are 8 reasons why you should drink tea every day.

# 1 tea reduces the risk of heart disease

tea can potentially improve blood flow in the body, by expanding arteries and reduce the risk of clot formation. It also contains antioxidants called ‘flavonoids’, which can delay the onset and risk of heart disease . Therefore, to reap the health benefits for the heart of tea a habit to start the day with a cup of hot tea.

No. 2 Tea hydrates your body

After a long day at the office or after exercise , you may feel the need to rehydrate the body. Although water is the first choice to rehydrate the body, drink a cup of tea is a better option fat health concerns. It is rich in caffeine, tea provides a rich and tasty source of water along with a wide range of nutrients. Moreover, starting the day with a cup of ginger tea provides 11 amazing health benefits .

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No. 3 tea prevents tooth decay

Believe it or not, a regular supply of tea can actually strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of dental caries . Tea is a great source of fluoride, which can be favorable tooth enamel. Antioxidants contained within a cup of tea have also been known to fight bacteria and disease rubber . So slurp!

# 4 of tea can make you thin!

Some scientific studies have suggested that regular consumption of tea (especially in the morning and before lunch) complements your weight loss goal. A cup of tea prevents you from putting on weight, along with the acceleration of burning calories. If nothing else, it’s less fattening than a soft drink is taken. Alternatively, you can also try these 5 prescriptions of healthy juices to lose weight.

No. 5 Tea boosts memory capacity

Many scientists believe that certain types of tea such as green tea, can strengthen the function of the memory cells in the brain. Apart from this, drinking a cup of tea may protect against the development of dementia until Alzheimer’s disease . No wonder why our parents and grandparents used to drink as much tea!

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No. 6 tea protects against cancer

Some high-profile studies have recently suggested that drinking tea can reduce the chances of cancer. Several reports indicate that breast cancer prostate , mouth and cases are much lower among those who regularly drink five or more cups of tea per day compared with nondrinkers tea. Although research in this area is still in its initial stage, anti-cancer property is attributed to the presence of antioxidants in tea. Here are 10 ways to change your eating habits and prevent cancer!

Types of healthy tea – Green tea, black tea and oolong tea

With so many potential health benefits, there has never been a better time to put the water to boil. But what kind of tea is the most beneficial for you? It is that great cup of cream, sweetened black tea will actually help your body feel better? We’ll see.

Benefits Green Tea

In addition to the health benefits above mentioned, green tea has also been found to increase the performance of the liver, and prevent arthritis by strengthening bones. However, to get the most benefit from their consumption of green tea, try to prepare from loose leaves instead of tea bag. It will add flavor and allow more antioxidants that are released into your cup! But to ensure make green tea in a healthy way, here are 6 ways you can choose from .

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Black tea benefits

While green tea often grab the headlines, black tea also has many health bonuses mentioned above. Offering a strong source of antioxidants, which is ideal for preventing viruses in the mouth and gums and has also been known to widen arteries damaged by up to 50per cent, preventing blood clots. Apart from black tea There are many varieties of tea that you can try.

Benefits Wu long(oroolong) Tea

This Chinese tea is said to be the best way to burn calories and boost the body’s immune system. Unlike green tea, Wu Long it has a sweet taste instead of grass. a much cozier thereforeoffers flavor, plus countless benefits body.

Therefore, the Brew up a cup of tea healthy today and you will feel rrific tea in no time!

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