Why use Home Remedies

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In times of constant pollution and rising inflation, many people are opting for home remedies for their health.

If you notice yourself getting sick all the time, you can blame your lifestyle, stress and pollution for your ill health. Going to the doctor and taking a host of antibiotics and painkillers is all fine, but these drugs cause side effects and wreak havoc with your digestion. Besides, these medicines are only temporary in nature, never treating the root of the problem and making you dependent.

Why use Home Remedies


Instead, millions of people around the world are going back to nature – specifically, to natural ingredients in their kitchens – to look for cures to their health problems, or to make natural cleaning detergents and sprays to use around the house. People have realised the many benefits of herbal and natural medicine, and also the benefit of using products they have made themselves.

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Here are a few factors to consider in favour of home remedies:

They are safe. Herbs, fruit, vegetable, spices and condiments are used to prepare medicines at home. Not only are they natural, but each ingredient serves a specific purpose. They do not cause any harmful side effects and are safe to consume.

They solve everything. Nature provides us with enough materials that attack disease, get rid of underlying issues, correct our digestion, improve our skin and hair from within, increase our immunity, and so on. Ancient medicine practices of Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Unani and Naturopathy use a variety of herbs and fruit and vegetable to correct imbalances in our system and promote good health.

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They go to the root of the problem. Unlike allopath, home remedies will correct the problem, not merely suppress the symptoms. Allopathic medicine uses a series of chemicals in their tablets, capsules and syrups, which do not take into account the user’s health profile and body composition. A natural home cure will not give you an allergy or harmful side effects, and will address your ailment’s underlying cause, instead of merely addressing the symptoms.

You don’t have to deal with chemicals. Natural home remedies will not comprise any chemicals that will harm you, so they are not toxic to your system and will not change the composition of your blood and plasma, nor will they cause an adverse reaction to any other drugs you might be taking. Using natural ingredients in cleaning your home will also keep you safe.

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You don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Researching the right home cures and administering them to yourself and your loved ones is an inexpensive way to treat your health issues. There have been cases sporadically reported of natural cures using plants and herbs to treat even the underlying causes of cancer in patients. It is expensive to treat yourself in a hospital, but if you ingest potions brewed at home to build your resistance to disease on a daily basis, the health of your family and yourself will be a good one for a longer period of time.

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