Signing Off … Jumping out of Red

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Signing Off … Jumping out of Red ;

In our further the inseparability of mind and body will leave the question “if” our thoughts and feelings affect our physical health. We will come to recognize our thoughts and feelings and physical sensations, movements and functions as different expressions of our whole being. It’s never any action taken only by an isolated or “mind”, “body”. Rather whole being participates fully in every action. Our physical body is formed and controlled by our thoughts and feelings, and vice versa. These different aspects of our being are inseparable facts. Only in our minds that are able to imagine that the body and mind are separate “things.”

Once we recognize that all aspects of our being part smoothly in all actions we perform, we find evidence of this totality everywhere. This is common sense that we rely on constantly, although denied greatly in our conventional fields of medicine and the “science”. The following are some examples of how our psychology is expressed in and inseparable from our physiology.

  • View a mime, actor, or read the Sunday comics to see how we naturally rely on their faces, postures, gestures and tone of people to tell us what they are thinking and feeling .
  • Watch what happens when we eat sugar, coffee or alcohol. These natural substances, affect our mood and concentration varying degrees.
  • How distinctive are redness, facial expression and posture of shame?
  • observe changes in our mental and emotional state before and after strenuous exercise; or after gently stretch the body and full breath and gently for five minutes; or after an unusually large and heavy food.
  • When we read a sad story, words stimulate thoughts that create feelings and facial expressions of sadness and sometimes physical action mourn.
  • When we read or think about something that excites us sexually, tell me that our body does not change. By contrast, the erotic touch or slightest word can trigger thoughts and feelings of passion and desire that we all know and enjoy indoors.
  • When we are scared or angry does not change our facial expression? What about our posture, voice and gestures? a closer look would reveal that our sweating, dilated pupils, skin color, digestion, smell, in fact, every structure and function of our body responds as “angry” or “fear”. The same can be said of joy, envy, mood, anxiety, pride and love. The more subtle change in our mental state is mediated instantly throughout our body. This is common sense. We do not need a scientist to tell us this.
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The action we perform is always an expression of our whole body-mind and never just our “mind” or only our “body”. What happens in our mind always goes simultaneously in our body. There is a physical expression of every thought and mental-emotional every movement and sensitivity expression. Thoughts are things. Mental-emotional “dis-ease” create “disease.” Physical


Therefore, if you are experiencing physical problems “,” no it makes perfect sense to look at our mental-emotional experience of the reasons contribute? Contrary to “psychological problems” is not prudent to evaluate our physical skills, such as diet, exercise, breathing and relaxation? In addition there is no such thing as a disease that is “just physical.” On the contrary, there is no “mental illness”, whether depression, anxiety, ADHD or Alzheimer’s disease, which is carried out “only in our head.”

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Chronic anxiety, depression or other mental-emotional misery is reflected in excessively tense or relaxed physical postures, facial expressions and breathing patterns. It is beneficial to learn how to balance these and to practice our body move in completely different ways than they normally move. If our physical immune (defense) system is failing, maybe we could ask others when we seem to excess defend our own actions and beliefs or the need to compulsively “right.” Or maybe our body-mind is tired of defending themselves against our unconscious habit of rehearsing threatening scenarios such as mental illness, failure, rejection, shame or violence.

Each physical and mental action can be performed deftly or clumsily. In our culture we have received virtually no training on the business use of our body-mind. Most of us are unable to even distinguish between skillful and unskillful diet, exercise, breathing and posture. Similarly few have been trained in passionately desire what is good for us and cultivate true fear of what is harmful. Few have learned to discriminate accurately between what is really beneficial and what is merely short-term pleasure. We was mentor in the use of our reason, will, imagination, emotions and beliefs? Without these essential skills how can we expect health and happiness? Where does it come from? The doctors? Medicines? Surgery? “Scientific advances”? We look outside of ourselves for healing precisely to the extent that we have not looked inside ourselves.

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If we want health and happiness, we must both make our mental and physical actions intelligently and with love. Who else can eat or think for us? Each of us must perform these actions ourselves. Neither our responsibility or our awards can be given to another. These actions are inevitable our dharma, our sacred duty. They are also the most meaningful and rewarding the efforts of a lifetime. How wise and kind is our creator have performed the also the most full and happy most essential acts of life? Our physical and mental actions are portals through which love and wisdom flow Americans living with us.

Cropley-138 Dr. Charley Cropley has been a practice of Naturopathic Doctor, professor and author in the Boulder / Denver since 1979. He has trained hundreds of doctors in their methods of nutrition and automatic recovery. a variety of courses and retreats are taught. He is the author of numerous articles, several books, a blog and an array of audio and video. He is a frequent speaker at schools of naturopathic medicine, and is considered by his peers as one of the most important thinkers of today and teachers in the philosophy and practice of naturopathic medicine.

Charley works with all types of health problems using no drugs or supplements. He teaches his patients to heal themselves through healthy nutrition, strengthening exercises, positive thinking and honest stable and loving relationships. He lives what he teaches.

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