White rice and Nutrition health benefits

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White rice is rich in nutrients, so it gives a lot of health benefits. Rice is not fattening if consumed in small portions. In fact, rice is a good source of vitamins and minerals. In 100 grams of white rice contains 80 grams that carbohydrates, 1.3 grams of fiber, 0.6 grams fat, 7:13 grams of protein, grams of 0.07 milli thiamine, niacin 1.6 g, 0.8 milligrams of iron and 25 milligrams of magnesium.
Many people say that eating white rice, can cause weight gain or obesity. But in reality, the result of research conducted at the University of Canterbury, England, found that rice can actually prevent colon cancer. Professor Ann Richardson of the University of Canterbury, said there are several laboratory studies showing that rice has the effect of tumor suppression and cancer.

Japan and China are the countries that reported population suffered from colon cancer. The reason people in these countries have experienced a change in the pattern of eating in a very significant way. Japanese and Chinese citizens now have to replace rice with other carbohydrate sources. As a result, activities Jedi rice consumption dropped almost 50 percent in Japan over the last 20 to 30 years. Based on the report of the World Health Organization (WHO) from 2010, the lowest show patients with colon cancer were men in Asia and the Pacific Islands. This is because most people living in the region makes the rice as a staple food consumed daily.

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white rice nutrition

White rice (long grain, raw) Nutritional value per 100 g (3 5 oz)
Energy 1,527 kJ (365 kcal)
carbohydrates 80 g
Sugars 0.12 g
The dietary fiber 1.3g
Fat 0.66g
Protein 7.13 g
thiamine (B 1 ) (6%) 0.0701 mg
riboflavin (B 2 ) (1%) 0.0149 mg
niacin (B 3 ) (11%) 1.62 mg
pantothenic acid (B 5 ) (20%) 1,014 mg
vitamin B 6 (13%) 0164 mg
trace metals
calcium (3%) 28 mg
Iron (6%) 0.80 mg
magnesium (7%) 25 mg
manganese (52%) 1088 mg
phosphorus (16%) 115 mg
The potassium (2%) 115 mg
Zinc (11%) 1, 09 mg
Other constituents
Water 11.61 g
  • units
  • g = microgram • mg = milligrams
  • IU = international units
the percentages are closer or less using US recommendations for adults.
Source: Database USDA Nutrient

benefits the health of white rice

1. power source: white rice is a source of carbohydrate-rich foods that are high enough. In addition, the nutrients in rice optimize all body organs, including your brain organs.

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2. The health maintenance organ heart Rice is one of the foods that contain no koleterol. In this case, the rice does not contain bad fats or bad cholesterol that can damage the organs of a person’s heart.

3. Prevent Hypertension: Hypertension, or high blood pressure is also very harmful to the soul of a person keselelamatan. Rice has a low sodium content in number. Quite high sodium content in food causes the arteries or blood vessels, increasing stress levels and high blood pressure.
4. Prevent cancer: Rice is consumed each day were able to protect against some cancers such as colorectal cancer and colon cancer . This is because, rice contains a series of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids and phenolics.

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5. Prevent a number of skin inflammation a phenolic compound is a compound contained in rice. This phenolic compounds counteracting the amount of inflammation in the skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles (signs of aging skin).

6. Maintaining the health of the digestive organs:
Rice can help improve the health of the digestive organs, and avoid the various problems in the digestive organs. This is because rice contains a series of fiber that helps the digestion process. White rice and Nutrition health benefits , article source: http://www.gethealthiness.com/2015/02/white-rice-nutrition-benefits-for-health.html


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