widespread social exclusion of older adults increases health risk

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Widespread social exclusion of older adults increases health risk

The physical and mental health of older adults are being put at risk of widespread social exclusion .

A recent study by the International Longevity Center in the UK (ILC-UK) revealed that one in six people in their fifties were excluded socially in two or more areas of your life in 2008. this is an increase of 13 percent since 2002.

common barriers faced by older adults include access to decent housing, public transport and local services.

The situation was found to be more severe among people aged 85 years or older, with 38 percent experience two or more forms of exclusion. While this is ten percent decrease from 2002 levels, the number is even higher than what is considered ideal.

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Michelle Mitchell, director of charity Age UK, said: “For many social exclusion can lead to feelings of loneliness that research shows has a significantly adverse effect on the physical and mental well-being, equivalent in some studies to well-established risk factors such as obesity and smoking. ”

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