HRT increases Bones- a doctor View

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reported in the Daily Mail last week a study claims it can cut the hip and increase the bone. Dr. Tony Coope, a physician in private header with experience using bioidentical hormones, gives his views on why it is better for osteoporosis

the study makes these statements for HRT came from a retrospective review of patient records (reduced funding required ; none of the patients directly involved; scope for selection of favorable and unfavorable statistics, ignoring the opposing groups unbalanced). Of these there were 2,700 patients on hormone replacement therapy, not 8,100, and this has a significant potential for many other unmeasured factors to influence the figures.

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Could this be the type of study in which the aim is to find an important alternative market for a genus of drugs with sales falling? There I would first want to know who funded this project; it could simply be, possibly, a manufacturer of HRT?

Even if we accept the figures at face value, with 150,000 patients requiring knee replacement or hip in the UK each year, and 2% of the total required a second operation within 3 years, then 150,000 patients require hormone replacement therapy (for women) or bisphosphonates (for men) to reduce the number of second operations in that time frame from 3000 to 1500. however, no information on whether the recurrence is removed or simply postponed until a year later.

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Other factors to consider are that the apparent risks of HRT (breast and other hormone-dependent cancers, heart attacks and strokes) are higher within the range of most vulnerable age at fracture hip.

The role of bioidentical progesterone and osteoporosis

And also, most importantly, once again, there is a lack of consideration of the use of bioidentical progesterone as a viable alternative. HRT is often cited as beneficial for osteoporosis, but estrogen content is limited to slow the breakdown of old bone; as hormone replacement therapy contains progesterone, synthetic progestins only, without new bone is being performed and the remaining bone is growing and more fragile.

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We know that progesterone stimulates osteoblasts to rebuild bone; and reduce inflammation, which, with the addition of an extra bone support quality to provide all building blocks and cofactors required, is likely to be a safer, more permanent and in a much more effective way to address instead the problem .

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