10 things you never apologize for as a mother

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10 things you never apologize for as a mother ; 10 things I will not apologise for as a mother

‘m not talking about breastfeeding in public and in the choice of food bottle here. As mothers who are judged by these two parameters, and everyone loves to impart his unsolicited advice. What I’m talking about is those little decisions you make on behalf of your child that the world (or even loved ones) hate. It might be early to judge – arrogant, careless, heartless are just some of the labels you will meet as you decide to go their own way. But as a mother, I have learned the hard way that there are few things you should never say sorry for.

Here’s my list.

Being part of the ritual of bedtime my daughter

I am a night owl and have begun to realize that even my daughter is one too. She can stay awake after midnight and still wake up in time to get ready for school. But that does not mean, that allows you to stay awake past 12 in the morning, especially when we have guests around. I like to laugh, talk and gossip with family and then pick up my baby, get into my room and shut the door. I am careful not to leave the door ajar, which could give the impression that the party can go to my room. I have homework to do in the morning, get my baby ready and much more on my priority list for the next day. Here are 10 ways to help your baby sleep better at night.

food stains on the couch

I try to make an effort not to bite my daughter if water is spilled, milk or food on the floor or sofa. In its attempt to explore and be self-reliant, trying to collect the cup, eat their own food and wash your own. While these are wonderful things she does, she gives the family more work to deal with – cleaning food stains from the couch, mopping the floor, removing stains from chocolate milk table coffee, etc. This makes others angry, but I have stopped saying sorry to others (read family) more of these little things. Stains on the curtains, sofas and writing on the walls are a part of growing years of a child. I would definitely apologize if my child misbehaves in someone else’s home, though. Here are 10 foreign breeding practices around the world that will surprise you.

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The decision to jump from game

always skeptical about school early (play). Many well-meaning relatives interrogated me since I was about 18 months old when he got to the nursery. A few weeks ago he started going to school in the nursery class. So when other kids his age were playing group, he stayed at home with my mother who has a lot of structured and unstructured play.

Today at school manages itself well, plays, make friends easily and be compassionate with other children. I’m not sure if these qualities came to her because she spent most of her time with her maternal grandmother (who is also a qualified teacher), but I do not feel guilty for not sending it to a nursery school at 18 months.

Deciding against a creche

When he had to return to work, a year and a half after the birth of my daughter, I decided against sending it to a nursery. I have received a lot of ‘Gyan’ of my friends and family when I asked my mother to babysit.

Although my mother voluntarily came to my rescue, many people told me it was a misstep. I know my mother is ill and not in the best way when it comes to your health. But I did not have the heart to leave my baby in daycare while she was too young. I am also aware that there will come a time when I have to keep it at a nursery. But decide for my daughter is completely my call and no one else’s business. Many mothers have to leave their babies in a nursery because they do not have a choice, I was lucky I could count on my mother.

The choice of a kind of mania

A few months ago I tried to enroll my child in a class of arts and crafts. The teacher thought she was too young to draw because it was not even two years and a half old. I assured him that I did not expect my child to make perfect drawings, but to have fun with colors and scribble on pages, often done at home, but in a structured way. She was surprised to hear that, saying that I am the only father told him not to do an artist of my son. I doubted my parenting skills. But I want to be this way, send my daughter to hobby classes for fun and recreation not push to carry out, even if it is large. Guess what, I did not send my daughter to that class, but I think it’s never too early to enjoy a hobby. This is based therapy how art can help heal autistic children.

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allow my daughter to play with cars

I’m totally against stereotypes, and so is my family. It is only now that my daughter started to pick up his bear and his car to sleep with; otherwise it was cars and planes that she was interested in I bought neutral toys -. sorters, blocks of Lego (Lego not Barbie), miniatures of animals and never forced her to play with dolls. Today she loves her cooking game as much as she loves her teddy and mini cars. And that’s perfectly fine.

Say “no” to a family reunion

Okay, trust me, it really is. You can reject a family reunion, for various reasons, and do not need to give anyone any explanation. I’ve done that, have a bad reputation, but I’m fine with spending those moments with my child playing with plasticine.

Allow my baby cry

I’m always in favor of giving your child (read child, adolescent not) hug if the expensive crockery is broken or spilled soup on the floor. They get scared when they do something wrong, and fast racing heart. That embrace help you calm down. But if it is a tantrum that no logical reasoning can lead to a halt, then let your child get over it on his own. Trust me, this works; I’ve done it myself. When I do not snuggle my daughter, and she’s crying usually they call me heartless, but eventually realizes his mistake and apologizes. Here are five reasons why mourn is good for your baby.

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Disciplining my way

First, I admit I am wrong with that. However, there are some rules I have done, and stick to it. What worked for me is not talking to her or pay attention when you do something wrong. It could be anything like calling her father by name. Cries for attention and then finally realizes why I’m doing. Yes, sometimes they flog. Let me tell you that I have written this article to our website where urged parents not child beating. But I do it only when necessary. Family elders dislike for this, but the way they want to discipline my son is my personal choice, and will never be sorry for him. I’m old enough not to go overboard with it conscious.

The decision not to make dinner

Well, never make dinner. Yes, I do not know. Cook early in the morning, from breakfast to dinner. Unfortunately, my family has to eat the same food for lunch and dinner. But there are days when I feel lazy to get up and cook. I sleep those extra hours to make up for lost energy. Yes, I feel guilty when I wake up and call it a ‘Tiffin service’ to deliver food. But I do not feel guilty about it anymore.

The choice of flexible work schedules

After much consideration, I decided to talk to my bosses and work the hours that were convenient for me and help me deliver my objectives. A routine 9 to 5 is jumbling my day. Elijo late shift 12-9, and you know what I’m at peace now. All morning I dedicate myself to housework, spending time with my daughter, have breakfast with her, get her ready for school and fell to school. Yes, I come home late, and that annoys many, but I do not feel. still they make a point to spend quality time with my daughter reading to her, petting and cooing at the end of the day. Life is much more manageable.

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