4 things they are doing wrong, while feeding your fussy eater

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4 things they are doing wrong, while feeding your fussy eater ; fussy eater


having tried all methods in the parenting books, recipes for picky eaters and all kinds of tricks and threats that eat their young. But they failed miserably. Shocks during meals your baby and worry about it.

If this explains your situation, then take a step back and check their behavior. Are you making these mistakes with your fussy eater? Here are five practical tips for coping with a fussy eater.

Talking negatively: If your child prefers to eat an apple cookies over what should be done? Ask to eat apple or instruct them to leave the cookie? By instinct he will tell your child to leave that cookie and apple picking. And there you go wrong. A study by researchers at Cornell University showed that negative messages as ‘Do not eat a cookie, which can make you fat,’ you can not work with children. Instead, it is saying that an apple is healthy and has vitamins that can help do the trick. Positive messages about food have a greater impact on the negative innocent brain. Here are 12 super foods that can help your child develop immunity.

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Extending mealtime: Speaking positively can get your child to eat broccoli and spinach, but probably not able to finish all the food weather. It extends to become a stressful matter of three hours. This is the second mistake you make. Experts suggest that everything your child eats within the first 15 to 20 minutes is enough to keep sated until the next meal. Trying to feed force will create a bad association with food. If your child is a fussy eater, try offering food every two hours if you eat less. Being hungry for too long can cause a drop in the level of blood sugar leads to nausea and fatigue. Here they are 8 Ways to make more fun for your child’s meals.

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The power when not hungry: Fussy eaters hate being fed when they are not hungry. All children have unique needs, s and responds differently to social cues manner. If the child has had very little exercise between two main meals or have a slow digestion, then there is a possibility that your child might not feel hungry when it does. So if hunger signals your child are not followed, food becomes a challenge. Here are some tips to keep your child cool in the summer.

Take snacks too often: The fillers that give between meals are the building blocks are created between healthy food and your baby. Stop offering chocolates, chips, cookies or even homemade sheera seviya just before meals. If the child feels full, it is quite obvious that it will refuse food. If his son had not had a full-time food, they do not offer fillings. Instead, wait until the next meal, and start it without much delay.

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