9 errors every parent should stop committing TODAY!

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9 errors every parent should stop committing TODAY! ; parenting-habits-childrens behavior-THS


First, I am not a aging expert. But I am a mother and I made my share of mistakes and learn from them. I realized that motherhood is a process of trial and error over and the more evolved as parents, more we unlearn our mistakes. Here are some tips that I would like to share about bad parenting habits that most of us are guilty of.

1. Dismissing their queries as senseless diatribes

These innocent minds are full of questions and curiosity and how to deal with it opens the channels for creativity and imagination. Your questions will always appear when you are dead tired or just want to avoid talking more. But answering them, which is the only way you can keep your brain active small and developing the right way. Even if your child asks for something as lame as, ‘Why sleep at night and in the morning?’ Answer. If you have a very curious child, then begin to explain the mechanism of the body and why human beings have to sleep at night. This is an excellent way to introduce the concept of body clock too. Take all questions of yours as an opportunity to help them explore the world.

2. Doing the same question several times

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Stop that. ‘Are you hungry?’ ‘How was your day at school?’ ‘Do you have friends in your class? “These are questions that your child is not interested in answering. When your child does not respond to you, this is frustrated. Instead, change your approach. If you want to feed him, ask him,” Would you like to try this palak soup made Popeye, strong sailor? “Or do a role play with it to see how it was his day. This is my last trick of parenting that worked very well. Here are four other ways to will feed your picky eater

3. Giving up too soon

not that we are not able to discipline our children. it’s just that we give up too soon. be consistent in your approach when it comes to dietary habits or behavior and manners. your child will never take seriously their command if they know that the consequences are not severe enough. Okay, no why be dire, literally, but you should know that there is a cause and effect rule for every situation. If no limits as not allowed to watch TV or reducing playing time if the toys are not put in the basket of toys after playing, then you are probably raise a brat .

4. The boundary between punishment and reward

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We do this often. We forget that punishment and reward are two different and distinct things. If your child needs to be punished for something, no reward for it. In fact, if it does it is blurring the line between the two. Reward her only when an error has been corrected. If you sit and think, often reward our children for punishment served it actually kills the target. Like giving a chocolate after saying that the iPad not only kills the purpose.

5. It is not enough that embraces

Even when you are angry with your child, do not refuse to give a hug goodnight. It is scientifically proven that hug can heal better than we think the emotional scars. Hug more often embrace. And it’s not just your baby or toddler, your pre-teen and adolescent hugs also need to feel safe, loved and each other.

6. Telling Lies

Yeah, never meet with your child about anything. This will only make your child feel that lying is a norm and that is okay. It could even grow to hide every little secret from you. Instead of being transparent with it no matter how hard it may be the truth.

7. If your own rules are not followed

As parents, we always take the liberty of breaking the rules and that makes it easier for the kids do. And if you think it’s okay for you to stay up late, there is less space left to discipline your child about time management and discipline.

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8. Speaking negative

Talk often with your child and talk about everything under the sun, but be careful not to let negative emotions come in the form of their conversations. Never speak negatively of anyone. If you have differences with their political family, and a lot that are not in your conversations with your child. This will affect your judgment of people later. So keep your child away from such thoughts.

9. It is not enough smiling

Yes, stress of all that can wear you down and may forget the art of smiling to life. But when your tot smiles, smiling again. Since it is the way they will perceive the world around them and do not want to say right at the beginning that the world is a little hard. Their smiles are as reciprocation for her hopes that the world is still a nice place.

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