Baby Care Tip # 20 – Pick the right shoes for your baby when he begins to walk

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Baby Care Tip # 20 – Pick the right shoes for your baby when he begins to walk ; parenting-baby care-shoe-THS

is an incredible feeling to see your son walk and take their first wobbly steps. Yes, now is the time for shoe shopping. But be careful when selecting your first pair of shoes. Remember that the wrong type of shoes can ruin your feet and affect their developmental milestones . So here are some things you need to keep in mind when buying your child’s first pair of shoes:

  1. As a general rule never go out of fancy shoes. Remember, through the designs and fancy shapes can compromise comfort and growth of your baby.
  2. Choose shoes that are breathable, lightweight and made of fabric or soft leather. Here are other 19 tips for baby care .
  3. Avoid stiff leather shoes that can restrict growth and lead to foot problems such as ingrown toes feet, hammertoes, corns. Yes, these problems can occur with babies too.
  4. Always remember the outer or upper shoe your baby should be made either in fabric or leather. The plastic fantasy are not breathable and could make your baby feel irritable.
  5. Check template. It should be well padded and an absorbent material such as children tend to sweat a lot through their feet.
  6. The outer sole should be flexible enough, it is not smooth and rigid as it could lead to slips and falls. Instead, a sole of flexible rubber with ridges provides better traction and grip for little feet of her baby.
  7. By choosing the right shoe, make sure to think a little about the accessory too. Never buy shoes a larger size for your child because your feet grow very fast. Instead, buy shoes with the right amount of space squirm. Once you select shoes, make your child stand to wear the shoe and press the toe area to ensure that there is enough space between the toes and the shoe.
  8. Look for shoes that have enough ankle support. This is why lace shoes (canvas types) are always better than those with Velcro straps. Since gives your child enough ankle support and reduces the risk of falls.
  9. If you choose canvas shoes, always remember to put a double knot and sew it properly to avoid the chances of a fall or accident per shot.
  10. Remember, baby’s feet grow fast enough to keep control of the shape and change them every two months if necessary.
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