Baby Care Tip # 21 – Give your baby skin to skin contact

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Baby Care Tip # 21 – Give your baby skin to skin contact ; mother-and-baby


Many prenatal and expert coaches these days suggest that mothers holding their baby close to his bare chest and keep them there for a few moments just after birth. This, however, looks like a new approach to age but is a traditional practice that was abandoned after the number of caesarean cases increased rapidly. Because medical intervention sometimes makes it necessary separate the baby and mother after birth -. Stitching scar, cleaning the baby and other medical needs are often the reason for separation

However, studies suggest that holding a newborn in his bare skin after delivery has many benefits. Put your baby on your chest immediately after birth helps regulate heart rate and temperature of the baby. It also helps to protect the newborn against infection. Skin to skin, among other benefits, also helps make easier the process of breastfeeding , with fewer obstacles. It also helps in the union of the mother and baby. In fact, most research also suggests that settles the newborn by instilling a sense of calm and also helps the mother to lower their stress levels due to the stress of labor and delivery.

In fact, you do not have to practice only in the hospital after birth. With her newborn you can do this as much as possible when you return home. Giving the skin-to-skin of a baby with colic also helps combat colic and calm your system. It also makes it easier for the baby to accept and live in the environment that is so different from the matrix. We do not realize, but newborns also need time to adjust.

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How do

  • Choose a comfortable corner in your home. Your bed can be the ideal place.
  • Dim the lights or close the curtains.
  • Then place your baby on his bare chest and rested. She will be able to hear the heartbeat that is so familiar to her.
  • Pull up a blanket and more than two. Being in that position for as long as you can. If you can spend an hour doing this, it is ideal.
  • practice this at least during the first six months.



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