This is how parents can prevent substance abuse in children

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However its good aging skills are, there are still chances that your child may fall prey to substance abuse. You need to constantly look out for signs that your teen is taking drugs or smoking. Adolescence is a time when many children may consider experimenting with alcohol or drugs. New research shows that parents can reduce that risk by maintaining a healthy and open relationship with their children. “Teens are more likely to drink or use drugs if you hang out with deviant friends or actively looking for their peers to facilitate the use of substances,” said study lead author Thomas Schofield State University of Iowa in US .. “parents who know what is going on with your kids and their friends can minimize the impact of the two tracks,” added Schofield.

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Almost 675 children were included in the study. the researchers observed mothers and fathers separately in their interaction with their children in fifth grade and again in the seventh grade. their data show that for many, this age range is a starting point or reference for alcohol , snuff and drug use. it is also a time when parents can be taken by surprise by changes in the behavior of your child if you do not have a solid base established, Schofield said. Read :. Sons of dictator parents more likely to become addicted

He added: “The pre-teen and early adolescence is not a particularly sensitive time, is just the best time for children on board with collaboration, communication with parents and the creation of that earlier relationship. “This indicates that more than genetics is in the game, and parents can make a difference in influencing the behavior of their children, Schofield said. Read: Beware! Your child is likely to inherit his drinking problem.

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