Tummy time and massage: natural ways to relieve colic pain

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Tummy time and massage: natural ways to relieve colic pain ; parenting-children's health-colic-THS

colic in newborns and infants is very common . Sometimes, even the best of natural and home remedies fail to give some relief to your baby. Colic is a condition indicated by a sudden attack of crying while pulling your legs toward the abdomen. It is generally believed that gas, indigestion or bloating could be reasons behind stomach pain that could lead to these episodes of colic. It is most common in infants from two weeks to four months. However, babies, more than four months may also suffer from colic episodes sometimes. This is what you should do if your baby keeps crying due to colic.

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Although there are a lot of cooking ingredients that can help counter colic, which works wonders in small babies, here Sonali Shivlani, Pregnancy internationally certified, breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition Advisor and our panel of experts shares tips on treating colic all natural.

tummy time Practice

Your baby will not be able to roll on its own at least up to six months old, so you have to help her enjoy tummy time to get relief from colic. However, you need to do this when your child is not suffering from colic. Place your baby on his tummy for a while every day to get rid of the gas it could be trapped in his abdomen. The ideal is to do a short time after she has food. But never leave unattended when she enjoys tummy time. Babies under four months of age can not keep your head resting long on their own, and if you leave it unattended, could lead to an accident due to suffocation. You can do this every afternoon to help get relief from gas and bloating. This is other herbal remedy to help your baby fight cramps. Start tummy time after the baby is four weeks old.

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Give abdominal massage

Another natural way to prevent colic newborn and infant is by giving your baby a gentle massage of the abdomen. Again, you need to do this when your child is relaxed and does not suffer from an attack of colic. Gently with your thumb circular massage around the navel in a circular motion and slowly massage the entire stomach. This can also help relieve gas and bloating, and save your baby’s colic.

. Note: Remember, both these techniques work well when practiced regularly and not during an episode of colic

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