You can make food your child smarter and smarter?

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You can make food your child smarter and smarter? ; Can food make your child smarter

These days, kids love to eat junk food like burgers, pizzas, soft drinks, cakes, etc. Parents also force because they are affordable, easy to get and tasty. But did you know you food choices their children may affect their levels of intelligence? By giving your child unhealthy foods, you are risking not only their physical health but also their brain development. Junk food has excess calories, but almost no nutrition. We wonder Dhvani Shah , a nutritionist who has authored the book, “We do not just feed … Feed your child” how food choices can affect the mental health of their children.

Do you have children eat foods affect your intelligence?

Yes, a child’s eating habits greatly affect their brain development and intelligence. slow memory, poor concentration, lethargy, drowsiness – are all a result of eating habits of a child. As demonstrated rightly food can make or break an individual. Good nutrition comes from good eating habits. Feeds the brain and keeps it active enough to function optimally throughout the day. In addition, proper nutrition promotes optimal growth of brain cells, nerves and tissues in turn improve concentration, memory and intelligence of a child.

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What foods promote better brain growth?

For the healthy development of the brain and nervous system, make sure your child regularly eat the following foods:

  1. natural sugars like honey, nuts, bananas , cherimoya
  2. nuts as almonds, walnuts, cashews peanuts
  3. milk and dairy products such as yogurt, paneer and cheese
  4. green leafy vegetables like spinach methi spring onions
  5. turmeric
  6. Seafood
  7. Ghee and beurre blanc fresh

What foods adversely affect brain growth?

Artificial sweeteners, white sugar and other sweeteners commercially used directly impact the development of the brain and nervous system. Overdose of sweets, chocolates, desserts, sweets, sugary cereals, soft drinks, canned juices, sorbets shown to cause memory loss, lethargy, irritability in children. Also read how best junk food restaurants in India are ruining the health of their children .

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How can one ensure that their children are not eating these foods?

The trick to getting kids to eat healthy is to “minimize and avoid no ‘. Always restrict harmful / junk food once a week so you do not develop a desire for it.

Another way is to substitute foods packed with equally interesting homemade goodies. baked potato wedges homemade fries v / s pastry store bought drinks or fruit juice fresh v / s packed brown sugar -torta whole wheat v / s home -.. the options are endless Here are 4 healthy recipes for children

What should be included in the daily diet of a child to ensure the development of his brain is on the right track?

  • + banana walnut + shake honey during exams do wonders for many children.
  • are almond milk on a daily to boost the development of your child’s brain base.
  • Include average food snack nuts + fruit.
  • Add green leafy vegetables to roti / paratha and the use of cooking butter pulses / rotis / parathas .

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