The causes of male infertility to avoid

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Based on an investigation by the World Health Organization (WHO), that 11-15 percent of couples have difficult children due to infertility factor husband. There are some men who have the natural ability to produce sperm or in large quantities and of good quality, the problem is that such a man is not so much as a man who thinks about the problem of low sperm quality and infertility. According to research reported from and in mid-2010, it is said that the mark of a man has the number and quality of sperm are nomal if:

  • quality healthy male sperm is white or gray, often yellowish and remains normal. If semen pink or red, it means that there is a problem that is wrong with the reproduction of cement and should be taken immediately to a gynecologist.
  • Al ejaculate, semen or sperm should feel sticky like jelly. If less sticky even tend to dilute, it may also be one of the causes of male fertility.
  • adult male semen during ejaculation is the normal volume 2-5 ml, or about 1, 1-2 tablespoons. If the male semen is less than 1.5 ml then this is called hipospermia that causes ejaculation becomes dry. However, if semen sperm is more than 6 ml constantly then the condition is called hyperspermia.
  • By using a special microscope, you can see when the condition of the male sperm in good condition of every 1 ml of semen should be 20 million sperm.
  • Of the total number of sperm, 25 percent must be able to swim quickly to the egg. And 30 percent of sperm that there should be a normal way.
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Everything you need to know is the amount of semen that is normal and healthy, it will be good for men’s health as a whole. It can increase arousal, rejuvenate the body, the face becomes younger, increasing the body’s energy.

4 causes of male infertility

1. The fertility decline with age According to the data, 8% of men over 25 years and stopped paying his partner, 15% in men 35 years also failed to impregnate the pair to get the baby, 40% of men and women 40 and older also experienced the same. For children 40 and older, or a second puberty experienced by men or women, power decreased excitatory and fertile period, in addition, the frequency of physical sex to diminish with age.

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2. Obesity: According to a study says that 12% of infertility problems due to weight problems, too thin or fat greatly affect fertility in males and women

3 .. the habit of consuming coffee: can also affect fertility, since the content of caffeine in coffee can reduce fertility and reproduction

4 .. cigarettes: the nicotine content in cigarettes is very harmful to the body and cause unpleasant aroma in pairs and weak [conception
in addition to avoiding male infertility 4 above causes, maybe you should try healthy foods that can increase fertility. The causes of male infertility to avoid , article source:

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