The first phase of work: Step by step explanation and advice

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The first phase of work: Step by step explanation and advice ;

The first phase of labour

Work is not all about pain. In fact, the process begins long before the pain hit you. Your body prepares itself and a lot of changes happen for childbirth safely and smoothly. The whole process of work is divided into three phases. This is a summary of what happens during the first phase of work.

The first stage of labor

This stage of labor is usually the longest and also the most intense. It starts with cervical dilation and subsequent thinning of it. This dilation and thinning of the cervix occur to help your baby come into the world without problems through the birth canal.

What to Expect

opening of the cervix: The cervix is ​​closed and clogged with mucus throughout the course of her pregnancy. This keeps your baby in the uterus and prevents infections. The mouth of the cervix is ​​positioned slightly towards the rear. The opening of the cervix can take up hours, sometimes even a day. This is considered to be the longest stage of labor. When the cervix is ​​about 3 cm dilated which marks the beginning of the work process and contractions established. As this happens, the mouth of the cervix movements from the back to the front to align with the vaginal opening. It is during this phase that the mucus plug and water also gives breaks.

regular contractions: The contractions vary from person to person, but usually come within a gap of 10 or 25 minutes and can last from 30 to 40 seconds. When the contractions set in, the pain starts, and generally have been shrinking as it fades. In between contractions you’re good and you can walk or be ordinary.

Other symptoms: pain during labor does not begin with a bang, but a dull ache that starts from your lower abdomen. As the contractions become more intense than it would have a backache and pain like menstrual cramps all mixed into one. This phase also can be marked with heartburn, diarrhea (cleaning systems for the birthing process ahead), spotted, along with a feeling of warmth in the abdomen. Its water can also break at this point of time. Also read signs that say that you are ready work.

What you can do

Get help quickly: It is advisable that as soon as they feel the contractions get help immediately. Although the first phase of work is usually long, that does not mean that you have time to spare.

feel comfortable: You can try a hot shower or listening to soothing music if you are at home and preparing to leave the hospital. If you can still enjoy the luxury without fear that their birthing process will begin. There is still time for it.

Get a massage: Check with your partner or you mom for a relaxing back massage to relieve your pain. This can help cope with the best contractions. Also read ways to deal with back pain during childbirth.

practice deep breathing: You may have learned the techniques during their prenatal classes, if not, do not panic just take a deep breathing your abdomen expand a bit more and exhale out slowly. Keep doing this until the end of their work. The reason is that oxygen consumption level of energy and helps to deal with the pain and stress of labor best work.

Eat snacks: If you feel tired and weak to try to have some light food your energy levels. All you can have is nuts, fruits, soup or juice.

Try a little exercise :. squats and exercises work can help further dilation of the cervix and make the transition from the first phase to the second smooth phase

How to go to hospital you can choose to stay back in place when work starts, but once the contractions set in a synchronized phase and return at regular intervals is time directs the hospital.

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