Week by week guide to pregnancy: Pregnancy Week 14

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Week by week guide to pregnancy: Pregnancy Week 14 ;

Week 14 of your pregnancy

the second quarter is usually referred to as the honeymoon period of pregnancy and for good reason. With their increased energy levels that can feel a bit more relaxed and your body you may have adjusted well with the growing demands of your baby.

The changes that happen to your body

The worst symptoms of pregnancy are definitely behind you, although acne and dark spots can make their presence felt in the face now. Your uterus has begun to bulge pushing your stomach out. Your breasts continue to prepare for lactation stage, being tender and sensitive. They also could have resized. However, for some women this stage can be on a high during the second quarter and again in the last months of pregnancy. Mood swings can also be at its worst during the second quarter.

Apart from this abdominal cramps can compete for your attention occasionally. This happens because the swollen uterus puts a strain on the ligaments that hold it in place. the immune system is also suppressed, which can make you more susceptible to colds and seasonal flu. Take enough precautions to save themselves from the errors of the season.

This week will also experience a return on your appetite. Although it is good to eat well during pregnancy, but be careful you do not overdo. Weight gain will be rampant this week onwards, so be careful with your diet. excessive weight gain that you and your growing baby can damage adversely. Also know about other things you should do during your second trimester.

The development of your baby

With the facial features become more developed, now your baby you can squint, grimace, frown and thumb sucking! These expressions are also a sign that the brain is developing and working in tandem, by sending impulses and control of movements. The same is true for the movements of the extremities as well. Also your baby might be moving much in the uterus and stretching muscles retrained.

This week your baby to create a thin layer of hair covering his whole body and not just the head. This hair is called lanugo and keeps your baby warm inside the uterus. Throws once the fat in the baby’s body develops to keep warm, they will spend time during the weeks of her pregnancy. Because of the lanugo eyebrows also they start to fill now.

About the functioning organ -. The kidneys produce urine, liver has begun to produce bile, the heartbeat is about twice that of yours and spleen is producing more red blood cells

what you should do

  • Plan a babymoon now. But before doing that talk to your doctor if you are fit to travel and precautions you should take.
  • Maintain high standards of hygiene. With a weakened immune system chances are that you can get an infection soon. So wash your hands every time before eating and even after that. Stay hydrated and take precautions to avoid cold and cough.
  • To reduce the appearance of stretch marks apply moisturizer on her belly, chest and buttocks. Remember that you can already appear in the 14th week. Another way to combat the problem is to keep increasing slower and gradual weight during pregnancy.
  • To ensure that your baby gets proper nutrition and nutrients eat well and make smartly.Include vegetables of all food groups and eating least three to five servings of fruit each day. Apart from this avoids having alcohol, quitting snuff and limit the intake of soft drinks and caffeinated drinks.
  • sleep properly, drink plenty of water and read all you can about pregnancy and labor to be informed about it.
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If you want to know what happened to your body as you reach the 14th week of her pregnancy, then:

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