Week by week guide to pregnancy: Pregnancy Week 15

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Week by week guide to pregnancy: Pregnancy Week 15 ;

Week 15 of your pregnancy

Finally, they are able to relax and enjoy your pregnancy now with some of the worst symptoms of pregnancy is lagging behind. Although there are other problems that can now pursue him, but with increased energy levels, things seem to be much more manageable.

The changes that happen to your body

Although there is no significant change in terms of its physical appearance of what appeared a week before , but I could have gained a few kilos for now and probably started to feel a little heavier than usual.

You may also begin to feel hungry and you may crave a specific type of food now. Your face may also suffer some modifications. Either you see a glow in your skin due to increased blood circulation in the body or you may see a film pigmentation of the “mask of pregnancy”, which may bother you. Acne and dark circles can also be among the other unfortunate events that can invade your face otherwise clean and spotless.

Be sure to visit your dentist before solving oral problems you have. The second quarter is the only time you can do that. Bleeding and swollen gums are common during pregnancy and so are infections in the oral cavity. Beware! Infections in the mouth can also cause premature delivery or preeclampsia in the mother.

may also bleed from the nose during this time, but do not worry too much. This occurs due to excessive blood flow systems now. This symptom alone care will be taken.

The evolution of your baby

Like you, even your baby is gaining weight and faces a phase of rapid growth and development. The facial features are developing and your baby is looking more human as now. The skeletal structure is also growing stronger and limbs are moving in tandem. This week the legs and hands of her baby has grown in proportion to the whole body and joints are more flexible and can move now.

baby’s senses are also developing this week onwards. Now you can gently caress her belly and talk to your baby. Your baby will also be sensitive to light now. You can shine a light or a flashlight on your belly and your baby definitely off. You have to be very attuned to your body to detect movement now because it will not be as prominent.

Your baby is busy doing somersaults, stretching, moving limbs and taking also into a lot of amniotic fluid inside through the nostrils (and also the mouth). Do not worry about fluid intake; this is normal for the fetus inside the uterus. This practice helps develop the lungs and air sacs inside.

In the mouth, the taste buds are developing now. Besides other organs it is only grows well as if it had been week before . This week your baby could be a weight of 40 to 50 g, and would measure 101 mm from head to buttocks.

What to do

  • If you want to go to a babymoon this is the right time for it. However, consult your expert health care to know if you are fit to travel and precautions that need to be taken.
  • Wash your hands before and after eating your meals to maintain high levels of hygiene. During pregnancy it is very possible to get an infection due to suppression of the immune system.
  • Make sure to apply moisturizer on your belly, chest and buttocks as stretch marks can begin to appear from now. A slow weight gain and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated can help address this problem better.
  • Two things you should practice diligently during pregnancy is – to eat well and cut services. This will ensure adequate food and nutrient intake for you baby.
  • To combat anxiety pregnancy-induced choose healthy snack options. If I are careening for sweet fruits instead turn and if the bitter taste that is the desire to try a salad of sprouts with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Remember to be regular with their exercises, sleep schedules and drink adequate water throughout the day during pregnancy amounts.
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