Millennials upset by the ‘narcissistic’

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Millennials upset by the ‘narcissistic’ ;


So-called millennials consider their most narcissistic generation ever.

Older generations agree, but I think narcissism goes beyond what millennium admit.

For millennials (adults born between 1980 and 1994, and also known as “Generation Y”), this assessment generations their ‘parents and grandparents do not feel well, according to new research based on a series studies led by Joshua Grubbs, a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Case Western Reserve University.

“Millennials and older generations agree that millennials are the most narcissistic,” Grubbs said. “They are not simply according to the extent of narcissism.”

In the last decade, popular writings have portrayed as millennials exceptionally self-centered, creating a dominant narrative that has been accepted as a fact, to some extent, because of its repetition, Grubbs said.

“This is the first generation where there is such a prevalent exposure in the message (that) are narcissistic, mainly through the Internet,” Grubbs said. “We would like to know, with time, the effect it has. This is the first step.”

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Therefore, Grubbs set out to measure this phenomenon, which so far had been based mainly on anecdotal evidence “. Selfies” for example, the selfish behavior of some young people in social media and ubiquity of

Emojis, personality tests-and false other experiments

In one experiment, study participants were asked to choose between emoji-cartoon faces often used in text messages and social media, that best fit their feelings after being called “narcissistic”. emoji saddest face was chosen more often, while participants who chose emoji happy or indifferent faces tended to be narcissistic, as measured by self-surveys.

In another experiment, millennials were given false evidence personality that told them they were narcissistic, while the researchers recorded their reactions.

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“Millennials generally object when the ‘narcissistic’ label is applied to them, it feels like something very low,” Grubbs said, noting that the study participants associated with the term pride, egotism and a penchant for vanity. “The only people who were found acceptable label people who are really narcissistic-and research shows that there are very few of them.”

“However, Millennials experience more anger, frustration and sadness for the label than other generations,” Grubbs said. “Even if they agree with it, to some extent, still it bothers them.”

Another key distinction emerged in the investigation: What may appear as signs of “narcissism” or self-obsession of a person may be evidence of “individualism”, a trait valued by millennials-to another person


“This research does not mean that every millennium is narcissistic,” Grubbs, an ancient himself said. “But in general, people of my generation probably are more narcissistic than past generations .”

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Grubbs recently presented the research to be published later this year at the annual meeting of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology in San Diego.

“Over time, the ‘narcissistic’ label could influence what millennials feel, mental health (and) their attitudes about themselves and the general generation” Grubbs said, also an internal pre- in professional psychology doctoral Louis Stokes in Cleveland VA Medical Center. “This gives us a broad view that we can use in future research.”

Grubbs also investigates the psychology of religion and spirituality as well as Psychology addiction, narcissism and law.

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