Raw Food Diet Cause Hypothyroid

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Raw Food Diet Cause Hypothyroid;

The raw food diet Can cause hypothyroidism – if you are not getting the proper nutrients

Can Raw Food diet cause hypothyroid

-Hypothyroid occurs when the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone .

is not something of a misconception that thyroid problems have to be something that always has been struggling or has to be genetic. But in reality, only a change in diet (eating too much or too little of certain foods) or lack of a particular vitamin or mineral can cause an imbalance in the thyroid. Many believe that only an iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism when there are many factors besides iodine.

When I say raw Diet..I Food I mean those of a diet high raw food (like me) and 100% raw food diet.
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Therefore, if you are on a diet of raw foods, chances are your main meals include a lot of green raw vegetables, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, etc.

raw food diet can cause hypothyroidism Because

  1. Eating raw green too! Goitrogens contain the production of low thyroid. (These include cruciferous vegetables that are uncooked) have to be balanced with food boost thyroid production.
  2. The lack of any vitamin or mineral can cause the production of thyroid hormones for change.
  3. Deficiency- Iodine (I just want to mention that) is the most common cause of hypothyroidism. With raw food can be hard to get enough iodine. (Higher food iodine are mainly fish, baked potatoes, milk, etc., which are not really consumed in the raw food diet).
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I’ve seen a number of videos on YouTube of people talking about how to make a raw food diet and everything they say is for viewers eating breakfast a smoothie and have a salad for lunch. That’s fine, but never tells you what is in the salad and smoothie. So how do you know which foods to eat and whether or not your getting adequate vitamins or minerals or good fats (like avocado).

When you’re on a diet of raw / or are considering it started foods, it is crucial to make sure your get enough of the nutrients it needs and not too much food goitrogenic, otherwise it may be doing more harm than good.

Therefore, it is important to get your thyroid levels and controlled all the vitamins, especially if you have made a drastic change. Usually, the symptoms of hypothyroidism go unnoticed. However, one of the most common symptoms is fatigue. If hypothyroidism occurs due to the raw food diet does not necessarily mean that you have to quit the diet, but it may only be necessary to change some of what you are eating (or add in foods that help the thyroid as coconut).

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I am a diet rich in raw foods and I’ve never had more energy or felt better! I think the time you get all the necessary nutrients is the most beneficial diet for health!

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