Gudi Padwa Special 5 healthy versions of your favorite recipes New Year

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Gudi Padwa Special 5 healthy versions of your favorite recipes New Year ; gudipadwa1


Gudi Padwa is March 21.

Gudi Padwa or Ugadi is celebrated in many states of Maharashtra and south India. The festival marks the beginning of a new year and it’s a very auspicious occasion. Apart from wear new clothes, preparing special dishes for the day it is also part of the celebrations.

Master Chef, Sanjeev Kapoor has 5 recipes to offer this holiday season.

Shrikhand Fruits

An alternative to Shrikhand equally delicious fattening Shrikhand fruit is performed by low fat curd; therefore count fat is in check. Also the fruits are based on the number of fibers of this dessert. Enjoy this dish to complete your meal this festive season. Here is the recipe .

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apricot shrikhand

This dish is a beautiful combination of golden apricots and yogurt, garnished with pistachios. Shrikhand is a favorite during Gudi Padwa but can add a lot of calories at one time. Make this healthy version using artificial sweeteners that will keep you away from the bad effects of sugar. Here is the recipe .

Jowar ki tikki

fried dish

This shallowness is made by mixing jowar with mashed potatoes and spices to make small tikkis. Jowar is rich in protein, fiber and keep your hunger at bay. This dish can be eaten as a snack in the afternoon he was associated with green mint and coriander chutney. Here is the recipe .

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Masala papad khichia

This light and healthy snack made with rice flour, green chilies and cumin seeds, and can be roasted or fried depending on how you like it. But if you are on a diet, the chef Sanjeev suggests dry roasting. Ingredients such as chutney, masala chat, etc. papad are added to make it tastier. Here is the recipe .

phirni Kesari

This dish is another delicious gift for sweet lovers. It contains the goodness of Kesar, track, elaichi, and milk. Although phirni is quite abundant in calories, this dish is made healthier by using artificial sweeteners. Here is the recipe .

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