Little deaths and let go

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Little deaths and let go ;

I’m surprised by what I have learned from my second-grade son, who is studying landforms- lurrently plateaus, glaciers, volcanoes, oceans, etc. . Specifically I was thinking about the mountains. During my cycling class this morning, I had a vision of myself on the top of the mountain. It’s quiet there, still, and offers such incredible perspective. Immediately below me, the substance of that mountain, was transformed the remains of everything that ever was, those who have most influenced me, my partner, my son, my father and mother. Below them was my brother and sisters, my best friends, past loves, and my most favorite dogs and horses. And yet beneath them was my ancestors and my older community themselves with the support of all those who came before, whose death and return to the earth made the substance in which I find myself. I thought about what I am top of the mountain, just because there is much more on the basis of what I am not only the physical body I call myself. I am that which came before me and it’s just for my own death, will someone / something advance beyond me. I want to be clear that I’m mentioning deaths are not simply “end of life” deaths, but the small deaths- death of views, the death of ways of thinking, death to be right, let go of unnecessary “stuff” and death of hard and fast definitions and ideas. Earlier, immature, antiquated notions of myself led me to where I am, but as it rolls along life, most are no longer needed. Therefore, as the leaves fall to the ground of corruption to build the ground, supporting new life.

What if young people have no connection to those who precede them? What is lost when that foundation is not there? It may lead to anger? It could be why people are afraid, clinging to secure a certain level of support? Quickly reaching for weapons, drugs, distractions? It is difficult to tolerate the feeling of insecurity and no sense of place. How can men regain that solid foundation? When my patients feel this way, the most effective tool I have used is to promote the abyss. When I have the relationship, I ask them what has to die. This is the magic of the winter solstice and annoys me and the answers I get emotional release, wrenching anger to fear-based hard. But almost always, it is followed, an expression of thanks .

Remember those who built the base of the mountain on which it stands, and try some measures of “letting go” in honor of the winter solstice.

If we are to be like the mountain is not so much something to do, but rather a death to the need to make something happen and expect or allow something new to support our rise. This is not to sit and wait, but rather a memory (great word: re-member-ing) active of the foregoing and shape us. You may have never talked to those men, those parents who came before us, but they were there. I do not usually simply manifest. It was somewhat earlier wear. It reminds me here of plastic flowers. They are simply a metaphor for our inability to let things die? We want the security of permanence, but “artificial” can not easily become the ground. If we cling to the continued stay, we can not break down and make new land on which to lean. This vacation time approaching the winter solstice represents the return to our inner being and reflection on our year. In contrast to the summer solstice, when we ourselves outermost and gregarious, the contemplative nature of December is more lonely, like sitting on top of a mountain.

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When thinking about my own “let go” and “return to earth”, I decided to pick up the leaves in the yard and stacking them in the garden, as a symbolic gesture of decomposition. Then I took a look at the kitchen cupboards- it was time to clean out the old and make way for the new, including herbs and spices unused containers used half a baking mix, and several bags of raisins, dates and hardened who knows what else, all of which could be composted. And although it was not going to help build my ground, just in case, I hit my closet too. It is true that there are clothes to give away, to help build the foundation of another.

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What are some ways you may be able to practice symbolically “let go” and “return to be essential”, covering the true meaning of the winter solstice?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Clean the garage
  • Go down in the basement and find five things to re-purpose or let go
  • cleaned the last of the leaves (if it has not snowed yet)
  • Ask yourself about any resentment that has since and see if they might be willing to give them
  • Clean emails and unneeded photos from your phone / computer.
  • stop using Facebook to mask loneliness
  • Medite again.

Remember, that the great masters of world teaches us that it is only by dying that we are able to rise. There is no clearer example of this than nature. Take a page from the outside world, and let you die parts, composted, built into a floor base for future growth, and all who come after you are gone long.

Here is an exercise in memory of the men who paved the way. I use it in some of the classes of my men. He begins by saying: “I am name , son of the name of his father son ​​named after his grandfather ,” go back as far as you can . For example, I’m Steven, son of Darryl, son of Walter, son of Martin, son of Michael. Each year at this time, I turn off the lights, with the exception of the Christmas tree, and do this exercise, and think of my father, and I just had a conversation with him in my mind. I connected deeply into what I am, because of the land where I am.

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Dr. Steve Rissman is a full-time associate in the Department of Health Professions professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, teaching in the Integral Health program. Pathophysiology teaches Clinic, Men’s Health, Men of all cultures, men and anger, and several other classes. Dr. Rissman has studied, taught and worked in the field of men’s health for over twenty years and has led the way in lighting the path for young men who embark on the journey to better understand themselves same. In a new facet of his professional life, Dr. Rissman is the principal investigator of a research project looking men qualities of great men who know their purpose in life and have a broader vision than is possible.

In her practice on his farm north of Denver, Dr. Rissman works with men / children with confounding factors for conduct related to anger / rage, anxiety and depression in their lives.

Having grown up on a farm and spend a lot of time in the outdoors, Dr. Rissman has a deeply rooted curiosity of the laws of nature, particularly science the disease process. Consequently, it has an extraordinary ability to illicit the history of the process of dis-ease only one and perceiving what needs to be cured in every man / individual child, the use of psychotherapy, herbal medicines, therapeutic nutrition, homeopathic medicines and other interesting methods designed to help men drive through the abyss of evil-be toward a richer life with purpose.

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