Facial – how to select the most suitable for beautiful skin

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Facial – how to select the most suitable for beautiful skin ;

getting a facial treatment is the norm today day for most women. When you walk into a spa or salon, you are inundated with a lot of facial options with fancy names. Decide the most suitable for your skin can be difficult. To make things easier,
Dr. Dinyar Workingboxwalla , I cosmetologist celebrity clients such as Jacqueline Fernandes, Lara Dutta lists some popular facials in offering a vision of what happens in each in his book ‘unleashed beauty: a complete guide for perfect skin and hair. ” Here is an excerpt from the book.

aromatic facial: A deeply relaxing experience that begins with a back massage. After a good intensive massage with different essential oils, you will feel rejuvenated and have a smooth and velvety skin.

visible facial shine: The facial begins with your feet are wiping gently with a warm towel. Then the massage begins. This is a deeply cocoon treatment including face, head and neck.

Bio-energy facial: works to lift and soften the face to leave skin soft and moist without gloss. Apparently, it all boils down to the stimulation of the natural frequency of the body that triggers cell renewal. Each time you receive this treatment, your face will be re-sculpted and people will comment on it.

Pure face massage therapy: A one-time treatment is nice, but this therapy should ideally be taken as a ten-week course. In experienced hands, each session focuses on a different part of the face. After a couple of sessions, which are evaluated to see if the process is working for you. The results are subtle, but treatment helps realign the faces are stiff frown, jaw clenching, etc.

facial fruits and tropical flowers: A massage with organic oils and balms relay precedes a refreshing steam and exfoliation scrub rose petal. This is followed by a pack of fresh shade of tropical lemon grass and green tea. Oils smell and the great feeling of the skin, leaving it fresh and tingling.

deep cleansing treatment thoroughly: For thorough cleaning total, it is best to clogged pores, pimples / acne, and suchlike. Cleaning, steaming, extraction and stripping restore skin to perfection.

Such steep clean: This is not for the fainthearted. It is basically deep cleansing for all skin types by extracting steam, exfoliation and soothing mask. Ideal for the skin of the city and for those who regularly suffer from acne and blemishes. It is best done four days before a big event.

Hydra-dermo therapy: This is the secret behind the great skin of many of my clients jet based in Mumbai. These are totally custom facials that use electrical current to drive active ingredients deep into the skin; a course of this therapy creates a clean, smooth and unblemished skin.

Pre-match candy :. All facials should improve your complexion, but these are the ones that work very fast so they look great at the party

The facial marine collagen: A combination of relaxing movements applied with a good massage technique. Then come the sum collagen serum importance that slapped in the face, and a mask that helps your skin absorbs. Leave the incredibly silky smooth and glowing skin.

shine facial skin: This practice in the face using aromatic oils selected chosen for their specific needs skin regenerate and even out skin tone . The skin looks brighter for a few days, as the natural acids have broken away from dullness away. It is one of the best treats face and neck can give yourself.

express lift facial moisture: Using only natural ingredients, seaweed extracts, mainly, this massage balances the skin, leaving it very clean and flawless; a quick fix beauty that everyone will notice.

facial lifting power: This is a mini workout for the face, with products based on seaweed. The therapist massage and exercise all facial muscles, repeatedly working in the areas to stimulate the muscles slack back into the correct position. Good for mature skin or tired skin that needs a boost.

Bio-facial glow: Now you can have the maximum facial designer, Learjet facials! The bio-shine is an anti-aging treatment with AHA and BHA, the two highly concentrated serums that help to define, lighten or darken the skin as needed. Specific complaints of skin pigmentation congestion is.

Antioxidant facial: This restorative treatment focuses on repairing the skin by the sun, sensitive and aging damaged. Its tailored using different ranges of products skincare truncated.

runs deeper than most levels. A micro-exfoliation dissolves dead and dead cells and stimulates cell regeneration. What to do after a holiday in the sun, facial mask treatment involves intensive specialty super-hydrating collagen. It illuminates skin and lightens spots.


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Total youthful beauty treatments :. The use of vials of pure oxygen and lymphatic drainage massage, this facial gives dull skin a new lease of life

facial soothing: Great for reconditioning inflamed, irritated or congested skin. It stabilizes and rebalances the skin of the face and it is good to cure and control acne and rosacea.

The facial Excel: Make sure that your skin stays young for a long time. This beauty treatment is finally available on our shores, is a detoxifying massage full of collagen-boosting plant and marine extracts and powerful antioxidants. You will emerge refreshed and revitalized. Think of it as ten hours of sleep in a beauty session!

facial skin cooling: massage energy points and chakra rebalancing for full effect is used. Using 100 percent organic products, this facial is very relaxing, deep cleansing and leaves the brighter, softer and smoother skin.

oxygen facials: giving a touch of O2 in the face really can and does give you a radiant complexion. Oxygen is vital for all body cells. It helps regulate hormones, blood sugar and energy production as well as in maintaining the immune system and kill bacteria. Therefore, if the same as an ingredient for skin care seems logical. Small capillaries carrying blood cells that transports oxygen to the skin surface thicken with age, which makes them less effective. If your skin has been exposed to the sun or long neglect, which thicken further.

This is the lack of O2 and causes the skin to age. Therefore, the theory is, if the oxygen supply, allowing the skin cells to function at an optimal level, thus slowing the aging process is increased. It has also been shown that O2 can help acne outbreaks due to the bacteria that causes acne develops in an environment of low O2.

Explosion of these anaerobic oxygen and insects have no chance. oxygen facials especially dry, dehydrated and mature adapt hyperpigmentation. They are more effective for people over thirty to prevent aging.

‘Power of Beauty:
A complete guide for perfect skin and hair’ is written by Dr. Dinyar Workingboxwalla and published by Westland Ltd. can be purchased online at Flipkart . Watch this space for more excerpts from the book.

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