How to choose the right massage oil

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How to choose the right massage oil ; body massage oils


Oil is not particularly essential in a massage; dust and liniments also sometimes used. However, for most of us massage and oil go hand in hand. Oil is an excellent help to minimize friction between the skin and hands. Several oils come with their own set of benefits, and choose the most suitable for an effective massage is essential.

Therefore, here are some upper body massage oils that you should consider for rejuvenating massage therapy.

  1. sweet almond oil

This sweet, slightly fragrant oil is extracted from the sweet almond. Is widely used for massage purposes, given her perfect body oil massage should possess attributes. It is mixed gently through the skin without being absorbed too quickly. It keeps moisture for a long time, and is light and thin in texture. When it used for body massage, often combined with vitamin E to give maximum benefits to the skin.

  1. Olive oil

This is widely used to massage babies, but can be used in adults too. Olive oil has proven to be a good choice for a body massage as it improves the elasticity of the skin, and strengthens. The people of Mediterranean descent have been using this oil for body massage since ancient times. body massage with olive oil regularly can keep your skin looking brighter and more youthful appearance.

  1. Coconut oil
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This is the absolute oil for many people, and is simply brilliant for a massage bodily. It is light, colorless, and perfectly absorbed into the skin. Coconut oil becomes long chain glycerides in medium chain triglycerides, which is an anti-aging agent. People in coastal and tropical regions have been using this oil very common for body massages and other purposes. This is the perfect massage oil for people with body pain and is useful to prevent acne breakouts without blocking the pores of the skin. Coconut oil is available cheap and has a very long shelf life.

  1. grape seed oil

grapeseed oil is very thin and light, and makes for a good body massage oil. Oil feels silky and shiny skin, and rich feeling is different from most other oils. This oil is very nutritious because it contains linoleic acid in large quantities, which has proven anti-allergen, prevent acne and also locks moisture into the skin. If you are trying to infuse other essential oils in your massage, then the grapeseed oil will serve as a perfect vehicle. Herbs and nutrients are absorbed in this oil well, and acts as a vector for transport into the skin with ease.

  1. Sesame oil

Ayurveda gives high priority to sesame oil for body massage. Ayurvedic texts, the Charak Samhita including describe this oil as the best massage oil for humans. It has a high nutritional value, and works very well to reinforce the structure of the body, including tendons, muscles and ligaments. It is known to nourish and detoxify and relieve poor circulation, anxiety , swelling, excessive dryness and constipation . daily massage with warm sesame oil is recommended in Ayurveda to achieve maximum benefits.

Now that you know about some of the best oils for body massage, you should make sure your selection is correct density and viscosity to massage. The oil should not be too dry, should be absorbed within a reasonable time, it should be odorless or have a pleasant smell, and must seal moisture into the skin as well. So, make a good choice, and reap the benefits of their full body massages.

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