6 best home remedies for rashes

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6 best home remedies for rashes ;

Home Remedies For Rashes

Eruptions are a very common skin condition that usually most of us spend. abnormal skin texture, redness, small red bumps on the skin and irritation are symptoms of skin rash. They can affect any part of the body. The most common causes are eruptions of rosacea, eczema, scabies, measles, bedbugs and psoriasis. Sometime rashes are also caused by viruses and infectious bacteria. These viral and bacterial attacks also accompanied by fever and inflammation with rashes that develop on the skin.

However, sometimes rashes are also caused by serious health conditions such as cancer, kidney disease, skin syndrome and liver disorders. However, rashes usually result of common skin infections. Such mild cases can easily be cured by simple and effective home remedies . These home remedies do not cause any harm to human body at all.

best home remedies for rashes


Turmeric For Rashes

turmeric evens skin texture as it is anti-inflammatory and anti-biotics very strong agent. containing an active ingredient, ie curcumin, which makes turmeric a powerful home remedy for rashes. curcumin all attacks bacteria and viruses that lead to skin reddening.

Inflammation is reduced. Reducing inflammation reduces redness and fever, both. It is a powerful antiseptic agent also reduces rashes caused due to chickenpox and measles. All these skin benefits offered turmeric are a result of curcumin. Therefore, this kind of common kitchen a wonderful way to reduce rashes and inflammation caused by the same home remedy.

vinegar apple cider

Apple Cider Vinegar For Rashes

apple cider vinegar kills all bacteria and viruses. These bacterial and viral infections affect human skin. Eruptions are a result of these infections. apple cider vinegar can cure these skin rashes because it effectively kills all germs that cause infection.

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The level of acidity of apple cider vinegar creates adverse conditions for microbes to culture and reproduce more. This sweeps all these microbes on the skin. The best feature of all is that the pH level of apple cider vinegar is harmful to microbes, but safe for human skin. Therefore, this is a common ingredient powerful home remedy for rashes.


Honey is a mixture of water, sugar and enzymes. It contains humectants, which are powerful anti-inflammatory substances. Direct application of honey on the affected area reduces skin rashes phenomenally . Viruses and bacteria are killed and inflammation is automatically reduced.

Honey For Rashes

Honey makes a powerful home remedy even when consumed along with lemon. It works in order to improve internal skin rashes and externally both. Honey has healing properties, so it matches the texture and color of the skin . It also provides freshness to the skin itching and irritation. Eruptions develop redness, itching as they are. All these conditions are improved by applying honey on the affected skin area.


cinnamon powder contains polyphenols. These chemicals are water soluble. These are agents also provide anti-inflammatory benefits in human skin practically cooling. The polyphenols in cinnamon powder mixed with water and Forms a strong paste against skin rashes caused by microbial infections. When cinnamon paste applied to the affected area, skin diseases such as irritation, itching and reddening improve dramatically.

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Cinnamon Powder For Rashes

This polyphenols should create unfavorable conditions for the microbes that develop in human skin. All microbes begin to die. Therefore, itching, redness and lumps start reducing. It also provides freshness to the affected area. Therefore, cinnamon is an effective home remedy rash. It also prevents rashes to spread to surrounding skin tissue.

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garlic contains gingeroles. Gingerols are natural infection fighters. The skin rash externally developed due to microbial attacks and those that develop due to weak body immunity both heal through ginger. Ginger paste can be applied externally to the affected area.

Garlic For Rashes

This balances the bacteria and viruses out of affected areas very easily. Gingerols kill all those that cause infection of bacteria and viruses. Moreover, consumption of soft ginger salt over it kills bacteria and viruses that affect the body internally . Ginger offers a resistance to weak to fight the infection causing microbes immune system. Therefore, this simple last ingredient is a home remedy skin rashes.


Lemon is an amazing home remedy that improves skin rashes caused due to liver dis -marcha. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is the main ingredient that the liver requires for better performance and health. Vitamin C in the lemon restores liver health. Consequently, skin rashes disappear automatically.

Lemon Juice For Rashes

This is a wonderful home remedy that leads to even skin texture. Lemon also works as an anti-toxic substance that cleanses the body’s circulatory system. Therefore, impurities are cleaned blood . Therefore, skin rashes that develop due to blood impurities are also reduced by the intake of lemon. Therefore, lemon is an amazing place to improve skin rashes that are the result of certain unconventional reasons also home remedy.

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All above mentioned home remedies are simple and safe. They do not cause any damage to the texture of the skin externally or internally. Therefore, they are one hundred percent safe for human body. However, rarely skin rashes are also caused by cancer, chronic liver and kidney diseases and skin disorders . If skin rashes show any improvement even after perpetual use of the above home remedies, you need to consult a doctor.

Possible rare causes of skin rashes can not be treated at home and are endangering life as well. Therefore, you should consult a doctor in extreme cases of eruptions that spread quickly to surrounding tissues as well. proper medical diagnosis is necessary in order to get the proper medication for timely healing. However, besides the developed rashes due to serious health conditions, home remedies can cure all other skin rashes to perfection.

Some other home remedies powerful for skin rashes are oatmeal, pepper, chamomile, olive oil, calendula, aloe vera, vitamin and fruit and vegetable supplements, lavender, sandalwood paste the application of cold water, ice massage, mint tea bags, baking powder and calamine. All these home remedies are powerful anti-bacterial and agents that are effective home remedies for skin rashes cooling.

Top 6 Home Remedies For Rashes

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