10 ways to help your child sleep better

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10 ways to help your child sleep better ; tips to help your child sleep


Unlike adults, sleep is the last thing the children wait to. However, children need a minimum of 9 hours of sleep to stay healthy and happy. Here are some of the activities that induce sleep can help your child sleep better:

  1. sings a lullaby: Despite the introduction of numerous applications induce sleep, the magic of a lullaby that never fails. Children love to hear a soothing melody that helps relax and slip into a deep sleep. Lullabies help strengthen the bond between child and caregiver, mother or father, and are also known to boost cognitive development.
  2. Read a tale bedtime: adventure stories always excited young children. A tale bedtime [1] , when read by a parent, can do much to enhance the child’s learning and reduce your stress levels. It also helps to gain greater control over a language. Try to include minor variations on the same story so that it registers in your child’s mind as bedtime story . Here are 10 ways to help your child learn to read well.
  3. Go playful: Games need not always be those that involve physical activity. There are many other games that can help your child relax and improve parent-child relationship. He could be guided to complete a puzzle or ask him to recite a rhyme in exchange for a treat. Because these activities stimulate brain cells, your child will get tired and get a more restful sleep. Here are five reasons why your baby does not need a pillow to sleep.
  4. Try audiobooks: If you think you are not a good storyteller himself, there is a wide selection of audio books on the market that can help children sleep. They have a mix of soft music and stories that carry your child’s mind to a world of dreams, imagination.
  5. Show them old photos: Take your kids by memory lane. Show them pictures of themselves when they were young. Describe the whole genealogical tree for them and ask them to identify people in photographs. This is a good activity to help your child relax after a busy day.
  6. take a short walk A walk in the garden, before bedtime is a good way to increase the impact of sleep hormones, like melatonin, which will give her son a deep sleep shortly after. It can be a refreshing departure for you too. Here are nine reasons why your child should actively participate in sport.
  7. give them a bedtime treatment: If your child shows good behavior, ensure that rewards you with a delicious treat at bedtime. Avoid foods high in sugar, caffeine and junk as they can disturb the peaceful sleep of your child and aggravate sleep disorders [2] .
  8. introduce a notebook to sleep: Get a child in the habit of keeping an account of daily activities drawing or writing in a notebook bedtime. This will give your child an outlet to express, will clear your mind of worries and help you sleep better.
  9. Take a hot bath: Give your child a warm bath before bedtime. This is one of the most therapeutic to relax the mind and body of your child means. Use Epsom salts or lavender oil in the bath.
  10. teaches meditation: Meditation, if done the right way, can do wonders to help your child relax and rest well. Have the child close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine beautiful and peaceful settings. Make this a daily practice.
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Note : It is essential that a strict sleep routine for your child is established. Turn off the TV an hour before bedtime and put your child in comfort mode. Make sure he wears comfortable clothes one night. Create a dream environment friendly by environmental illumination and ensure that there is minimal environmental noise. Make sure the room temperature is not too hot or cold. Place a comfort blanket around his angel delivers your favorite beanie and kiss him goodnight.

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Sleep Disorders In Children – Effects And Treatment

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