Hypnosis works better than sleeping pills (Research)

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Hypnosis works better than sleeping pills (Research) ;

Insomniacs and light sleep alike could benefit from hypnosis to persuade them into a deep sleep, he suggests a new study published in the journal Sleep. Researchers at the University of Zurich and Fribourg concluded that hypnosis can improve sleep quality, eliminating the need for drugs whose effects have long been questioned by the medical community. “This opens up new and promising opportunities for improving the quality of sleep without drugs,” says Bj√∂rn Rasch biopsycho logist, who led the study at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Zurich, in conjunction with sleep and learning project.

The participants limited to women, because of their increased susceptibility to hypnosis on average study. A total of 70 healthy young women were divided into groups according to their susceptibility to hypnosis and invited the sleep lab for a nap of 90 minutes. The test group listened to 13 minutes of pre-recorded hypnosis before bedtime, and the control group heard the neutral dialogue through speakers. The most hypnotizable participants experienced an increase of 80 percent in slow wave sleep. “The results can be of great importance for patients with sleep problems and for older adults,” says study leader psychologist and Maren Cordi. (Read: Hypnosis may not be for everyone )

“In contrast to many drugs that induce sleep, hypnosis has no adverse side effects.” The results indicate that individuals, even healthy circadian preference with a delay could further increase their health by taking steps to get to sleep earlier. Deep sleep referenced in the scientific community as slow-wave sleep (SWS) and is measured by the actual speed of brain waves. Is understood to be the most restorative phase of sleep, growth hormones are secreted during SWS, promoting cell repair and stimulate the body’s immune system. (Read: Hypnosis can cure irritable bowel syndrome )


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