Headache in Children – types, causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

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Headache in Children – types, causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention ; childrens-eye-test


While many might think that only adults suffer from headaches , the reality is children can sometimes be subjected to these excruciating pain, leaving them sad and helpless. Although you might expect that a healthy to live without pain and continue without causing much fuss, headaches have become more common in children and adolescents child these days. Sometimes a headache attack just passed without much care, but other times it may be a warning sign of illness in their severity. Here are 10 natural remedies to treat headaches without pills.

Types of headaches

may be difficult for a parent to know if the child is suffering from an attack of headache. This is because while older children are able to express their problems, younger would be restless, irritable and aggressive, to some extent, when a headache starts. Not all children suffer from a similar type of headache. There are different kinds of headaches that could suffer, here are some of them:

1. Migraines : Not only adults, but even the children as young as children, suffer from migraines. A baby or toddler might not be able to inform parents about pain, but they can mourn clinging to the head, indicating pain. The symptoms of migraine are:

  • Pulsating, pounding or throbbing headache that worsens with exertion
  • pain with nausea and vomiting
  • extreme sensitivity to light
  • abdominal cramps, with pain

2. tension headaches induced These types of headaches are more common in young children, children small and adolescents. According to Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care in India , ‘Often, fatigue, tension and anticipation combine to produce changes in blood flow to the muscles of the head and neck , causing a headache “are the symptoms .:

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3. cluster headaches. cluster headaches get their name because they occur in groups of five or more episodes in a period of a day or even a week symptoms are:

  • sharp, stabbing pain on one side of the forehead that lasts 15 minutes to three hours
  • is often accompanied by tearing-eyes, nasal congestion, restlessness and agitation

4. chronic headaches: This is a broad term given by experts for migraine and headaches induced voltage occurring for at least 15 days a month for three months or more. These types of headaches may be indicative of an infection, a minor head injury or other serious problems such as tumor.

The causes of headaches

For every child there are different triggers that lead to migraine, tension headache or induced chronic headache. Some of the common causes that could lead to a headache in children are:

  • Infections : A viral infection that causes the seasonal cold and flu could be a reason for headache in children. This type of headache is also accompanied by fever and body aches. A persistent sinus infection could also be a reason for the headache just after the child wakes up in the morning. Furthermore, bacterial infections that can lead to acute tonsillitis could be a cause thereof. Here are five natural remedies for cough and cold that really works!
  • Stress and fatigue : Many school children who are under excessive stress, lack of sleep and emotional disorders may have frequent headache induced voltage. Excessive physical stress can also lead to that sometimes.
  • Eye fatigue : This is a common cause of headache in many school-age children. If your child complains of a headache every day after school or after hours of study, be sure to book an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist. Here are 10 ways to keep your eye on your baby safe and healthy.
  • Trauma to the head : A head injury could indicate problems if accompanied with recurrent episodes of headache after the incident. In any case, it is best to consult the doctor if your child suffers from nausea and vomiting after injury.
  • tumor :. A brain tumor could be a reason for persistent headache that could last until the day and night, with nausea, vomiting, loss of balance and convulsions
  • Emotional stress: Problems with peers, teachers or even parents might trigger an episode of headache in children. Often children who suffer from depression in silence could experience severe attack of headaches when they are confused to understand their own feelings of helplessness and sadness. Are you spending enough time with your baby
  • Other diseases: A serious type of infection such as meningitis and encephalitis could also trigger a headache, although there would be other warning signs such as fever and stiff neck . An abscess or bleeding in the brain can also lead to the same conditions as with dizziness and vision problems that accompany it.
  • : Food allergies. certain foods that are high in preservatives such as nitrates or MSG can lead to headache instantly
  • Hunger : Starving for hours on end could also be a probable cause of pain head in children. This causes your blood sugar and low blood oxygen impairs circulation in the bloodstream, causing a non-pulsating pain in the head.
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Treatment of a headache

is imperative that you consult your doctor about your child’s recurrent episode of headaches. However, if it’s just a fight once, here are some things you can do to calm your little

  • Give a head massage: Take your child on your lap or allow him / her to keep her head in her lap and press gently on the temples in a circular motion inward movement. If your child resists, keep doing it until the pain is relieved.
  • Provide a light meal: Sometimes headaches can be caused to fall in the levels of blood sugar to go hungry for long. Offer your child a fruit, a sandwich of wholemeal bread or a glass of milkshake to combat this type of headaches. Here are 12 super foods that can increase your child’s immunity.
  • Try cold compress: Have your child lie flat on the bed and wet a towel in cold water. Squeeze the water and place it on his / her forehead and press gently.
  • analgesic Offer: Ibuprofen works best in treating headaches in children paracetamol. Offer drops sparingly to combat headache. However, do this only if you have received instructions from your doctor before. Self-treatment could cost you dearly your baby.
  • Allow to sleep: This is the best choice for the treatment of headaches induced voltage and could leave your child rejuvenated and fresh, leaving behind the pain
  • [

  • Call your doctor: If you find no relief from headaches for four hours, even after medication administration, it’s time to visit your doctor
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preventing a headache

Here are some things you can do to prevent repeated episodes of headache in his son

  • Encourage outdoor activity: the exercise goes a long way to help ease out stress, provides a better balance between work and play and reinforces better sleep to help maintain a lifestyle healthy that can also keep headaches at bay [
  • provide a balanced diet :. is essential for your child to eat well and have frequent meals throughout the day to help regulate sugar levels in the blood and keep at bay headaches
  • Go for checkups regular doctors: regular medical checkup will help you know what triggers the headache of your child and give a glimpse into his / her well-being as well. You can also see if the headache is due to neurological, physiological or ophthalmologic cause.
  • Avoid headache triggers :. If you know your child suffers from migraines they take great care to protect the triggers and stay away from them
  • be regular medication :. If your doctor has drawn him out drugs to combat headaches ensure that your child follows the same meticulously

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