Stress Management Tip # 4: Practice abdominal breathing to reduce stress

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Stress Management Tip # 4: Practice abdominal breathing to reduce stress ; Stress management tip

What to do when in stress and overcome anxiety? Find solutions, talk to people, to discuss the way out or just sulk in solitude. Whatever you do, you should first focus on your breathing before reaching an action plan. Even if this seems impractical for you, this is the most important step you should take to deal with stress.

This is what happens when your stress levels soar:
• Your heart rate increases, sometimes leads to palpitation which could be fatal.
• You sweat profusely due to chemical imbalance in the body.
• The muscles tighten.
• Their anxiety levels soar saturates the capacity for rational thought.
• Your body almost goes into spasm phases, sometimes with anger emotions of anger and frustration.
With all this happens, causing him to lose control over the situation greatly. Therefore, it is important to control himself to fight stress effectively. Abdominal breathing is the simplest and easiest way to do it effortlessly.

To practice abdominal breathing when stressed, follow these steps:
• Choose to sit in a comfortable place. You can also do at work sitting at his desk.
• Put your hand on the abdomen below the navel and breathe deeply. To feel more relaxed and connected, you can do this by keeping your eyes closed.
• Inhale slowly through your nose to your hand moves out as your belly expands. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale slowly.
• Repeat practice for a few minutes until you feel relaxed and have better control over your body and mind.
• Then think about how you can cope with your situation better.

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How does it help abdominal breathing when stress
abdominal breathing or deep breathing from the diaphragm improves circulation and increased oxygen levels in the body ensures . This helps to relax almost instantly. On the other hand, shallow breathing makes the heart beat faster and sends the muscles in spasm. feelings of stress and anxiety are also intensifies. Moreover, abdominal breathing also relieves one of muscle tension and anxiety help one to better focus on tasks at hand.

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