Paralyzed architect drawing houses communicates

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Paralysed architect communicates by drawing houses

An architect left paralyzed by a stroke has learned to communicate with the outside world through the only thing he can remember -. plan drawings of houses

Phil Jones, 68, was left unable to speak, read or write and was paralyzed on the right side of his body after a cerebral hemorrhage in 2005.

has managed to come up with a unique method of communicating with his wife Deanna using the skills he developed during his career.

Mr. Jones draws house plans with his left hand to tell his wife what he needs. If you want something from the kitchen, which will draw a plan of the house, heading down into the room and the location of the item

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However, the method is not without difficulties -. Ms. Jones said you can sometimes take all day to work on what you want. He recently took all day, from morning until evening, to know he wanted a banana

She said. “When he had his stroke was also hit with aphasia, a disorder that affects a person’s ability to speak, read or write. now have to draw with his left hand. But do not take away his ability to see things as architects do, the sight of that bird. “

Mrs. Jones said her husband likes spending time in the garden and is able to draw a plan of it when you go out.

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met the couple only a year before Mr. Jones had his stroke that left adjustment previously and active 58-year-old in the hospital for six months.

Mrs. Jones said they met each other while dancing and while her husband can no longer do this, he still likes to listen to music.

Victoria Connect Sadler of charity, which is compatible with stroke and aphasia patients, described the achievements of Mr. Jones as “remarkable”.

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