Chamomile tea benefits and side effects

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Chamomile tea is an herb that has been used for thousands of years. Chamomile tea is known for its benefits to stomach problems and sleep disorders. So far, chamomile was still believed to have the ‘healer’ property and usually consumed freshly made, to be used as tea. Flowers by the Latin name Matricaria Chamomilla is claimed to overcome insomnia, for relaxation, nausea, headache, indigestion, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, skin irritations and minor infections. In addition to drying in a tea, chamomile flower extract is taken from the crown is also often becomes cream or essential oil.

Unfortunately so far, there is very little scientific research that shows that chamomile effectively overcome insomnia, stomach cramps, eczema or skin diseases. Even if there is a study of this flower, the results are not 100 percent guarantee the effectiveness of chamomile. In fact, as quoted by ABC Australia, the use of chamomile has side effects and impacts that are not too good. Chamomile dust potentially cause allergic reactions such as vomiting, skin redness or aggravate the condition of people suffering from asthma reactions. In addition, chamomile can be even worse if the pollen sensitivity is high.
Chamomile also contains coumarin, a compound in some types of plants that are toxic. Coumarin could increase the risk of bleeding as dangerous if consumed by pregnant women. Other adverse effects, chamomile may increase blood pressure and the change in the levels of blood sugar. On consumers of medical drugs for the treatment of heart disease or a sedative, chamomile consumption is not recommended.

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If the purpose of consuming chamomile for relaxation or as an alternative to the usual various tea drinks, then it is not a problem. But keep in mind that chamomile should not be consumed in excess and can be dangerous for some people with certain conditions. There is even the need to do much research to demonstrate the benefits of chamomile tea, but here are some of the benefits that have been known by many people:
1. Help you sleep better
If you experience a lack of sleep or suffer from insomnia, then chamomile tea is a cure. Several studies on the association of chamomile tea with a related subject has been done. And chamomile tea can help you get better sleep. Eating pure chamomile tea before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster and healthier sleep. Help overcome the problem of sleep is one of the most amazing benefits for health of chamomile tea.

2. Digestive Health
Other important benefits of chamomile tea cures many stomach problems and reducing the basic symptoms associated with indigestion and general malaise health. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and a strong antibacterial, which can relieve stomach cramps, abdominal pain, flu, heartburn, pulls and gas.

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3. Reduce swelling in the skin
In a study conducted by a government organization in Germany it shows that chamomile tea can reduce inflammation and fight bacteria effectively. It is also beneficial for skin conditions such as eczema, chickenpox. The use of chamomile tea, teabag or extract, can be good for skin problems and swelling or other common infections.
4. Helping overcome migraine
Chamomile tea can help people suffering from severe bouts of migraine pain . You can make muscles more relaxed and ensure better sleep, which is a very common reason for migraine headaches. Most importantly, chamomile tea helps relieve pain by way of relieving some of the basic symptoms. It is also beneficial for headaches caused by influenza, stress and anxiety.

5. Hemorrhoids
In patients with hemorrhoids, use the ointment is a popular way to get rid of the pain instantly. Chamomile tea is a good ointment for hemorrhoids. A study shows the benefits of chamomile ointment in reducing hemorrhoid sufferers bowel movement.

6. Improve the immune system
Chamomile tea is tea as an immune system enhancer. One study showed that people who consumed more than two cups of chamomile tea every day increases the antibacterial ingredient in the body called hippurate. This tea also contains several ingredients that help build a strong immune system.
7. skin care
In addition to health benefits, chamomile tea is also one of the favorite ingredients for beauty. It is very effective for skin lightening and skin care as a whole. Chamomile tea can also eliminate dark circles under the eyes. To solve both problems, dipping chamomile tea bags for 5 minutes and let cool enough to be tolerated by the outer skin. After that, take the tea bag and place it under the eyes and the skin surface. You can also use the hot steam of chamomile tea. Bathroom with chamomile tea is also beneficial for skin problems in general.

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8. Diabetes
People with diabetes can enjoy the amazing health benefits of tea for a few cups of tea every day. It can help control diabetes and reduce levels of blood sugar. From research conducted by the Center for Diabetes Research, they reported that people who drank chamomile tea daily may reduce the blood sugar level to a room. Chamomile tea works in levels of blood sugar without affecting the insulin system. Chamomile tea benefits and side effects , article source:

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